Arts Centre Adventure

So today , whilst cutting mounts, cleaning glass with lighter fuel, and nailing nails at AM’s and Francois house. I found this.
read more about him here
Anyhow heres the thing I wanna tell you about this book.
In the forward there is a great reference to the people who built the theatre here. ANybody know what date ?
I once life modelled for one of the ORIGINAL volunteers. who had much to say.
It’s a nice little quote about enthusiasts.
The book is actually about the history of Swindon’s art centres but holds great ressonance for this building which has it’s origins in keeping the faith and still does today.

“In the arts the most precious commodities are enthusiasm and drive. Many remarkable projects have been sparked off by one man or a small group of enthusiasts.” Two communities are noted, those of Birmingham and Bristol…
And it is a story of enthusiasm and drive the work of a group of ehthusiasts which was to give opportunity to many thousands and pleasure to an infinetly greater number.”

I dunno, It’s a nice little quote which sums up the very work ethic we have here, and the reasons we do things.

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