I will be starting to post an accurate history of the Cube/Bristol Arts Centre/Arts Centre Cinema. I have been looking into this from the start of the Microplex in 1998. Bascically there will be two main sections or histories.

The first will be based on archive material, anecdote, memories and history prior to when the Cube team took over in 1998.

The second will be a history of the Cube, its inception and early development which should also be open for anyones contribution.

I will start this by talking to the original founders Julian Holman, Jack Davies, Kevan Dennis and Graeme Hogg to see where they are now and how they feel about the whole enterprise. Other people will come into the picture in chronological order until we reach now I guess.

First Cube Programme (idea: Blueprint)
sum of all moods in one go

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2 Responses to Cubistry

  1. Mary Hagan says:

    If you want to know more about the pre-cube history, I was the youngist daughter of the
    family that ran the cinema, and grow up learning how to carry out change overs on carbon
    arc projectors, selling tickets. hiding up the auditorium and climbing the dodgy ladder to
    the projection room. and you mustn’t forget the cellar bar era.

    Aahh,, happy days!!

  2. chris B says:

    there is a name and phone number of an arts centre projectionist on the side of the video rack (matrix DVD etc) in the projection room. he was a projectionist at the time when the arts centre folded, and had lots of stories about what happened and why.
    definately worth finding out his stories from a historical point of view.

    easy, chris

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