Pass the post system

Well it may look like this is my blog, but it really is the Cube blog – I am just Thä Möderätör.

Yes, I do post a lot – but it’s just to keep it going. It really is meant to be for anyone Cube related ( which means you if your reading this ) to add whatever Cube musings they have . . .

I mention this because I’ve had 2 posts to pass on by email, which you will find below ( it’s no real problem for me to do this – and I’m happy to help with hosting and optimising images, and indeed post stuff that has been sent by email like this but . . . as a general way of doing things I’d rather give people a login and let people post direct to get more varied perspectives, and a more varied set of poster’s name at the top . . ! ).

Anyway here they are uneditted and in order of apperance, first from Mark Float . . .


“thought you might like to put this on the blog too
it’s a pic from dead inventive, at the cube a couple of weeks ago. an excellent night it was & hal (organiser, pictured) decided to sing a song about his vision of perfect happiness before leaping into a field of geraniums from atop a ladder. here’s the moment>>>


And secondly From Richie Paradise, talking about the bit of the Orchestra that happened before I got there on Wednesday . . .

I did the montage in case you didn't spot my stylings

“ok amigo piccies, we did some totally spaced out made up stuff and then decided to play piggie in the middle where someone wlaked into the middle or stood up in marcus’ case and they started off the tune, despite small turn out i thought it was godd yesterday.
thought young jack did really well

agree wholeheratily with yo comments about electro kit , say yeahhhhhhhhhh


Now, please someone who was able to see Herman Dune & Good Friends: Evening 1
last night tell us what it was like !

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