Dune it for tha kidz

So, coaxed into blogging about the two-day Herman Dune Cube residency by Le Hopkinson, I must confess that I didn’t actually make the first one. I was otherwise engaged watching Alasdair Roberts put the fear of god into tory-eared St George regulars with some primal celtic dronefolk. Mmm.

But Friday’s finale, I’m happy to be able to report, was an absolute killer. Crescent sounded amazing – it’s great that they play so rarely because when they do you realise all the more have ace they really are – one of the city’s very best, I’d strongly contend. And if you’d disagree, I’d argue. Then Herman Dune went electric after the previous night’s unwired endeavours, and all was warm and flighty and fun. The Dune Disco in the bar afters was a personal highlight – we need more DJs prepared to rinse out stop-start klezmer bangers whilst standing on chairs.

Saturday’s Cul-De-Sac/Damo Suzuki (aka The Nicest Man In The World) was just as great, but, lawd, I’m tired. Someone else have a go.

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  1. mr_h says:

    Thank you, mister Stevens!

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