The Blog is Back!

Seeing as you’re reading this you already know this blog is back up ( despite for a while there it looked like there was no backup ) after sparror problems . . .

Kate emailed from, I think, Tehran to say . . .

sparror died
we are starting restoring services

i hope you had cubelog backed up.

Well as all my posting and ting is done via the web interface and Kate with her high level linux wizardry set up the original behind-the-scenes complexities, I couldn’t even work out where the actual blog files were on sparror, let alone had been making backups – which I foolish assumed were covered by the general sparror backups – so that was a somewhat troubling message !

Anyway, with a great deal of sterling work by Kate and Tom it’s back looking like it ever was ( tho if you were quick you might have just caught a different format before improbility-drive-style normality was restored. ).

Actually we are now rocking the latest version of the wordpress blogging software, which may well make little difference to most Cubelog readers and posters, but hopefully will be great for me as the better spam comment filtering should mean I won’t have to delete hundreds of gambling and potency pill nonsense every cubing day. Yay.

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2 Responses to The Blog is Back!

  1. adam says:

    Got a bit worried there. thanks Mr_H, Tom + of course Kate and Heath for the behind the scenes and often unnoticed hard work.

  2. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    seconded thanks & respect to the behind-the-scenes teams, and apologies to Tom for posting basically the same message as his – I wrote it in the morning before dashing out and pressed submit on my return without checking ! )

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