Surfs Up Baby.

Mr Hopkinson asked for more bloggers so here goes…….
Ok my first attempt at this so bare with me when it all goes overboard (they’ll be no more nautical/surf related puns to come hopefully).
Hog’s most enjoyable Surf night at The Cube last night, here’s Hog and Liam getting in the Hawaiian mood:
Liam and Hog

It also featured a fine perfomance by Jesse and his Morningstar rhythm section, who played Surfy stuff along to ‘Endless Summer’, which was totally far out and groovy daddio, especially for the fact that the blonde surfer (Mike Hynson surf fans) had permenent slicked back hair like
a Duck.
Mike Hyson possibly Endless Summer

I’m also glad to say Elvis came to the party.Richie Paradise and Elvis
Lots of new members came down too (at least 20), probably for the films and less for the fact that I was getting to play my Surf and Surf related records for the first time in a decade, though they were, in my humble opinion, Way Rad Dude……….. (I don’t really talk like that).

I’m now getting very very excited about Movieoke next saturday.
Ciao for now, Richie Paradise.

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