Surfs Up again and Movieoke plug on Radio 2

Had an odd experience tonight when I correctly guessed a record on Mark Radcliffe’s very good R2 show. The tune was Dick Dale & His Dale Tones playing Miserlou, which was a track I played on saturday at The Cube’s surf night, spooky.
Dick Dale

Spookier still is Mark asked me a few questions about my showbizness name (which is when I plugged MOVIEOKE , THE CUBE and ORCHESTRA CUBE) but I forgot to mention to him that I got the name from Jack Kerouac’s ‘On The Road’, the main character being Sal Paradise, which was the book being reviewed by Will Self about 10 years ago when I last won a competiton on The Mark Radcliffe show………

Anyway if yer interested in my 5 mins of fame and The Cube getting plugged then go here:
and click on tuesday on the play again button

[ mr-h edit : I’ve mp3’ed the exact moment which you can stream here ( .m3u file ) or download here ( .mp3 file – 1.73mb ) ]

I think The Cube is beginning to take over my life (or is it The Matrix?),

Hope to see you saturday,

Richie Paradise

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