Movieoke + Cube away fixture AGAIN

Huge apologies but anyway I finally managed to get a picture of Max Blackout onto my computer:
max blackout

Once again to reiterate, MOVIEOKE WAS FANTASTIC.

Orchestra Cube were, in their own way, also fantastic at The Fleece. A fighting testament to ecleticism and invention all in the name of finding ‘it’ daddio.
Here’s Young Liam rocking out;
liam And again liam again

Couldn’t decide which one I liked most.

Where would we have been without Mark’s Sax appeal and Westcountry burr?

Feeling horny? (sorry)
The Cube has its ladies of Hip Hop and here are a couple of the Orchestra Ladies of Horn, Helen on flute and Belinda on trumpet;
cube horns

A most interesting night that started a huge online debate amongst Orchestra members about the very nature of what we are trying to do, how we do it and possibly the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything too (whilst we’re at it).

Till next time,
(little) Richie Paradise little richie paradise

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