Smaller and Smaller

Dearly Beloved,
Small was the thing this week as Orchestra Cube did their thang
o c oc2lens

But what a beatiful result it was.
Cube volunteer Matt asked if he could sit and listen to just what it is we do. Well we weren’t going to stand for that, we insisted he play a part so he suggested we play something akin to Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. Started very ordinary before we Cubed it, Diced it and made it one of our own.
Matt also took a few pictures for us, good job young man. For some reason when i tried to photo him he came out very blurred which led me to speculate there was no Matt at all but ‘Matt’ was some kind of ghost. Well when I did capture a picture I think you can see I was wrong, he is in fact some kind of Cyborg (I hear Cube superiors find them less fickle than the usual oi polloi, sorry artistes, who volunteer their time).
Or possibly the shakiness was just my Swinging handy work daddio
cymbal marcus
Marcus played something by Angelo Badalamenti which stirred me into talking about Burlesque (hey ANY excuse) and the fantastic brushwork on the Twin Peaks soundtrack. Cue Brushwork number with fine sax work from Gary. gary
Ok so there wasn’t alot of us there but the quality was superfluous. Some members will be playing the Battersea Road street party in Easton on saturday, go along watch, get inspired and I’ll see you next week (with your Homework this time Hopkinson).

Ciao, The Fresh faced, richir Richie Paradise

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  1. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Thanks Richie, and sorry every-reader for lack of posts, there’s a *lot* of work going on at home
    ( I may well be Orchestraly AWOL until after the Blackout . . . )

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