Movieoke – Coming soon

This chap has some highlights from last months Movieoke fun on his website, worth checking out I reckon.

To go straight to his pics and mpegs click here.
Have to say it was nice to see what it loooks like from the front, and to relive those Movieoke moments over and over again.

Normally Mr Hopkinson does this but he is a busy man these days now he’s a successful artist and all, So here’s the new poster for Movieoke 4.

movieoke 4

Hope to see you there.


Ciao for now, Richie De Niro Paradise, Richie ‘De Niro’ Paradise

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2 Responses to Movieoke – Coming soon

  1. Dan Brickley says:

    Nice poster! Thanks for the link… Here’s a blurrycam of last night’s bluescreen:
    (tagged with ‘cubemicroplex’).

    Oh, reminds me… Cubey people… I tried emailing to find who was responsible for but didn’t see a reply yet (but could’ve missed it). I made a clickable map version of that page… Hoping someone who knows someone who was involved reads this, … is an experiment in making it so you can click on the locations in the map to get to the audio. Might be interesting to do same on a real map sometime (openstreetmap, google maps, google earth…).

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