Yes You Can Can Can


They said our methods were unsound, untested, dangerous. That some had been driven to the depths of depression or happy clappy madness
ale bel.

To be fair they’re probably right but that won’t stop us. I think Mr Hopkinson touched on Ale’s concern and I think thats why the poor chap looks so glum in the photo above. Not sure what Belinda’s excuse for looking like a nutter is…….

Mr H, seen here indulging in camera war with me (again) war

sold himself a bit cheap in his blog, he did a great thing with a recording of some seagulls, and he stroked my ego with his cd copy of Mark Radcliffe’s dulcet Manc tones when he chatted to me on Radio 2. As you can see Mr H was mourning the loss of Mr Moog, who kicked the can, sorry Bucket, this week.

A good turn out, bolstered by College Green recruit Chris (seen her with Gareth on Sax)
chrs gareth, Gareth has a suave air about him which also seems to make him quite photogenic, see here he is again with Tomoko garteh and tomoko
Mr Hopkinson did get a big confused into thinking there was two bass players, Hugh was on Guitar Mr Hopkinson, sir – see guitar see. Perhaps he was confused by my Roland kit (when is my endorsement coming? I plug it all the time, payola style), which makes a very convincing bass sound. Or he is just a plain fool.

With all the excitement of My new Business cards and a tune I dedicated to myself (Ode to Richie Paradise), I think I slightly lost it
richi lost itrichie losing it. Maybe it was that End of Summer feel. And man the summmer has burnt up Mark almost as much as his playing scorched the very fabric of musicality mark.

A great session which took in alot of moods and grooves, hopefully we should be in fine fettle for The Here party on saturday.

Cube Orchestra manouvers in the Dark

Paradise me, out.

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  1. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    re: double bass – I is just a plain fool.

    I did think maybe it was a guitar, but it didn’t fit in to how I remembered that wonderful notey moment . . .

    In my defence Hugh often does have a bass, and was playing the pedals and amp more as shown in the pic – not that much of a defence I admit, but there was a interestingly different dynamic with lack of outright axe action, Liam and Stuart style – not to say that they aren’t great when they are there of course!

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