Remember November

The Cubelog is now 1 year old , under my moderation anyway – there’s that one crazy fan attracting Devendra post last October from when Lady Lou was doing the do, so it’s prolly got 2 b-days like the queen and The Cube but I reckon November marks the beginning of the cube blog as we now know it.

Not that it’s been really fully under my moderation recently – well I haven’t been posting anyway as you may have noticed, so thank you to Richie, Lady and Adam for keeping it going . . . I’ve continued silently with the upkeep which hopefully you haven’t noticed like the frantic legs beneath a particularly dashing drake.

Whatever, man, I’ve just waded through my picture archive and will come back with my take on everything from the Oddbods getting giddy at the ICA thru to Hog’s 30th . . .

. . . & happy blogday to us all.

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3 Responses to Remember November

  1. ben slater says:

    Happy birthday Cubelog…

    Keep posting!


    – a regular reader in Singapore…

  2. richie paradise says:

    Lumme, i thought it had been going for ages and i was some kind of interloper. i feel better now. phew. Is there a cake to eat?

  3. says:

    Keeping up your beautiful end very well!!

    Keep on logging.


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