Double Trouble

The next night ( the 16th of September ) at The actual Cube there was dual album launch for albums by Rasha Shaheen . . .

Ra Ra Sha Sha

. . . and Emily Breeze ( sadly not pictured ). I came to show my support, but to be honest I was rushing about so much that I missed most of the shows, but there was a great atmosphere and having got copies of the albums and I heartily advised you dear reader to get copies too, if you haven’t yet.

Meanwhile, or I think a bit later, in the office there was some kind of dodgy elven fantasy face painting steez occuring . . .

face the paint

. . . and everyone ( including me briefly ) coming on like Mendelev and Dongolev . . .


. . . from homestarrunner‘s amusingly faithful “Peasant’s Quest”

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