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Playing catch up this is a review of last weeks Orchestral happening.
techno innit

This time we did a few things, one of which was swapping instruments, you never heard such a 6th form esque noise nonsense in yer life, but twas alot of fun and some fun pics too (more to follow).

On our forum we have started to discuss ideas for following meetings. being a fan of Arabic music and inspired by William Dalrymple’s tv program on Sufi music which was on Channel 4. I can’t rebothered to go into too much detail but basically Arabic music is created in a different way to western music. Basically imagine it like this, Western music is harmonic in that instruments tend to follow each other whilst Arabic music kind of ‘Riffs’, different instruments play different things that seem to work together. Any way we tried it. And we sucked. At first. But then we got better and we Cube Orchestrered it and it sounded quite interesting.
barry belinda tomokobarry hopkinson
We also tried playing in different time signatures, which was odd at times and we kept falling back into 4 and out again falling from 4 Ariel photography also complicated things. Talking of pics I tried an experiment in revolving my camera on a countdown to see what would happen. The idea was somewhat stolen from a recording method The Beatles used where they swung a microphone (Tomorrow never knows), anyhow heres the result Swinging Belinda pictureswingin hugh richard
Yes I know, I’m a freakin Genius.

So to our swop shop experiment. To be honest I think the pics are the best thing as we didn’t listen to anything anybody else played. To kick off how scary does Marcus look on my percussive set up? i want to kill but in contrast how cool does Tomoko look here? sepia tomoko Hopo did a sweet Elton John impression sweet Bel went all 50’s jazz 50's aussie jazz experiment gone mad
I call this one It’s called a piano love (and a bass sunshine). Elmo Philips once said he didn’t blow his own trumpet (that’s what girls are for) but I digress, I’ve been meaning to take up the trumpet for years and here was my chance. Now I think I’m a natural Richie Paradise Jazz trumpeter and all round good cove and I did hear some others after saying how much I blow on the trumpet…………

Anyhow it was back to winning ways, so well done one and all.

Ciao for now Blow Man Blow! Richie Paradise

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