One Day All music Will Be Made Like This.

AHOY THERE Captain Richie Paradise

One day all music will be made like this“, Thus Spake Mark Whiteford and twus done all over the land. Enemy turned to enemy, the lion to the lamb, the Hawk to the Sparror (little Cube injoke there), all were united in declaring the sheer insanity of this proclomation.
Anyhow here’s the method as demonstrated by these fine young people.
Ale, a fine personTold youBelinda is also a fine person for an Australian

Basically a number of pieces of paper with either Verse, Chorus, Middle Eight or Go Nuts written on them. Our task was to come up with very short pieces as directed by the variety of people game enought to do it.
The results can be heard here.

Anyay it was great fun. Not gonna go on too much this week, or put up too many pics, but I really really must point out, that Liam is the new Dr. Who DR Who? Dr Liam Kirby MD, PHD, VC, VD
and that we were inspired by some music and storytelling by Ale to consider a performance with spoken word artists doing short stories. If you’re interested get in touch here.

Ciheers me babber Coney Island Paradise Richie Paradise

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