talking about, YEAH, nuclear war, YEAH!

As you may have already read, Hog programmed a series of depressing nuclear war films for his 30th birthday – it’s nice to have a theme.

Sadly he wasn’t in tip top condition – just a cold though, not the effects of crawling out the fallout, unless he was taking it even more seriously than we thought.

I made him a Computer Sings birthday DVD, which I was hoping to wheel out for the computer to deliver in “person”, though that ended up not happening, in fact we didn’t see that much of Hog at all but despite the cold & war conditions we were still determined to party . . .


. . . and dancing was had to DJ Richie Paradise dropping some strange kinda surprises and standards.

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  1. richie paradise says:

    must go down as some of my most sorted djing ‘eva. respect due etc old boy.

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