Yes we were back and it all got rather bizzare and psychedelic


But I’m jumping ahead of meyself. Now anyone who’s involved with Movieoke, and indeed anyone who’s been to Movieoke, will know it can be somewhat shambolic, so baring that in mind we sent emails out a month in advance to try to get everything sorted and high powered meetings were had by Cube Big wigs.

Big Wigs

And yet we still ended up starting late and having monitor problems (which meant poor old Hog had to cue everything up on a video camera screen). Max being the sociopath that he is just spewed scorn and abuse


Anyhow when we did get going it was a fantastic night. Here’s why:

The Audience


give yourselfs a huge round of applause people, you rocked! The newbies who turned up made a lot of effort (more on that later). They even turned up early!


the mans a legend, with a fine singing voice to boot (Album avilable in all good record emporioums). Interestingly enough Tom had seen Movieoke being done in Berlin hopefully we can take The Cube’s version to our Deutsch cousins.



we all know Colin’s a genius on the piana but the real make of a man is if he will raise his game and step up to the plate (and other sporting cliches). Usually Me and Colin fill gaps between films with montages of whatever comes to mind (and i do a bit of picture taking)

bad photi time

well with the extended breaks due to our equipment problems Colin grabbed a mic and started regailing the audience Chas and Dave style. Well done sir.


shadowy max on a shadowy planet

yes a rude, abusive, bad mannered sociopath, but he’s OUR rude, abusive, bad mannered sociopath.

And of course

The Cube Team.

So what of the evening itself? Well Tom in his rainbow beany got it off to a start with his usual acting skills

kick off

the performances were top notch, a lot of effort going into making it believable and yet lighthearted entertainment

funf fun fun

As the liquor flowed the evening got more and more far out

far out

and The Cube magic started to roll. The fine newbie gang dia great rendition of Shaun Of The Dead with a bunch of them walkig around the stage like zombies. Rather scaringly this woman physically attacked me and Colin


she was VERY convincing. We even had a drama student forced on stage towards the end to add some gravitas, and it worked too (I’m surpised more acting types don’t turn up actually).

The audience were then treated to a rendition of My Way from me and Colin as they made their way to the

bar and home. A really fantastic night and one that’s given us a few ideas how we can take Movieoke into the next Century.

We hope to see you at the next one – Next Movieoke 31st March

Big Love,

Single and Hot, Richie Paradise Richie Paradise

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  1. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    That was Hog not Hogge, though, heroically cueing up the DVDs using a DV camera’s screen barely bigger than a inch.

  2. richie paradise says:

    Consider it changed. Honestly though when the cube heirachy were handing out nicknames they could have been a bit more clever. I THOUGHT they were supposed to be artistic. Layabouts more like. And it turns out volunteers don’t get paid (with gracious thanks to Homer Simpson)

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