More Slater

Hope I’m not jumping in and stealing his thunder, but original Cubester and Blog poster Ben Slater has just finished his book – for now here is a simple link.

He may be back here with more to say on the matter, or not – he’s pretty busy . . . but word on the wire is he’ll be in this country, and this part of it, very soon . . .

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2 Responses to More Slater

  1. Adam says:

    I’m not sure if I’m more astounded that Ben has a book out that we didn’t know anything about, or that he has a blog, or that he has a flickr account!

    Ben, if you’re reading this.. hoping to get to see you on your time over here.

  2. slater says:

    Thanks David.

    For those cubesters thinking “who the f%$k is this guy?” – I used to have my passport photo on the cube toilet wall sporting a gormess expression as you relieved yourselves. The picture survived one major attempt to deface it back in the early noughties, and suffered total erasure during the great ‘clean-up’ of October 05.

    I realise that according to my insane UK schedule that I will be back in Bristol on the 31st – and I’d love to check out Movieoke. It sounds frankly awesome.


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