Well I think it’s safe to tick the “Cube History” category for this one . . .

If you don’t know who Jandek is, actually I mean if you haven’t heard of Jandek, click here for an overview, and if you are familiar then you’ll know it’s an honour, not to say a bit of a coup, to be playing here.

I was originally going to be documenting – which I thought a bit bizarre given the secrecy and mystery surrounding him/them, but was excited to do it and sent remote instructions for The Computer’s gig that was happening elsewhere on the same night.

Classically there was some cube confusion . . . a couple of days before Chiz said there was now to be no documentation of any kind, but at least there was enough time to reserve a ticket.

And then, just before the show, I got another call from an amazed Chiz asking to film for a DVD along with Amy and Adam, at the request of the man himself. I rushed to get there, and even at 6 o’clock there was quite a queue waiting out in the rain . . .

6 o'clock queue

I had assumed the DVD was going to be a Cube production, and filmed it as such, but at the end of the evening all tapes were all handed over to Corwood Industries, and an official DVD is rumoured to emerge in about 12 months . . .

As befits, no pics, or no pics that I can put up . . . but until told otherwise I think it’s probably ok to document the documenting, check the below . . .

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  1. richie paradise says:

    I hopes you guys got paid top dollar.

  2. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    um . . . got the money back for the tapes I bought, that’s about it!

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