Back in Blackout

Following on from RP’s exhaustive Movieoke missive on the Cube Summer closing party, come check out Max Blackout back in the place he was put together for, The Blackout Tent at Ashton Court this weekend.

There’s a killer line-up, which I’m not sure I can fully divulge yet, but I’m well in there with a Cutting Up My Friends screening and a couple of performances ( from The Computer and the video conductor ).

See you on site.

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7 Responses to Back in Blackout

  1. tom says:

    i’ll try and catch your cutting up my friends .. at least (and at last!)

  2. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Thanks Tom . . .

    . . . and for anyone interested in a blackout marquee mrhmarathon ( formerly known as s&hickers ), here are the times . . .

    Saturday : 5.50 The Video Conductor, 6.05 Cutting Up My friends

    Sunday : 9.15 mr_hopkinon’s computerâ„¢

  3. Claire-Lise says:

    Congratulations – I had some excellent Ashton Court moments in the Blackout Marquee (notably the Heads and Cuisine). Loved the way the screens were arranged 🙂

    I also saw Bluescreen for the first time and was impressed so will try to get my lardy ass to the Cube sessions in future.

  4. richie paradise says:

    I will blog the Cube ORchestra extravangaza soooooon. I promise.

    ps Claire-Lise thanks for you help at Movieoke, i rudely forgot to thank yew.

  5. Claire-Lise says:

    Richie, no worries, you didn’t exaclty get a chance as I ran off like a thief in the night as soon as Movieoke was over. I’ll try to stay and attempt some sort of social interaction next time. Honest :S

  6. Polly says:

    Hey hoppo – have you seen this? BBC reviewer saiys the computer was the best thing he saw all weekend… I feel so priviledges to have kissed him! P xx

  7. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Yep seen it already, but thanks Polly, pics and possible a post, to follow . . .

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