You probably weren’t there . . .

. . . at the Seven Inch Cinema night on Thursday.

Sadly, possibly because of a Qu Junktions final jaunt at the soon to be closed Seymour’s Family Club, The Cube was nearly empty for a fantastic programme of short films and musical performances put on by our like-minded Birmingham counterparts.

I managed to record most of the ubergeeky ZX Spectrum Orchestra performance which you can check below . . .

If you’re in Birmingham in February you can catch the Flatpack Festival put on by the same people which will feature a performance by my computer ( NOTE while we’re in gloriously pedantic geek mode : I say “my computer” but he’s not generally meant to be called “my computer”, he actually is  my  computer, so it’s “mr_hopkinon’s computerâ„¢”, or just “The   Computer” to you thank you ! )

Got no pics or nothing, but I feel honourable mention should be made of our own 7 inch cinema of sorts – “7s & 8s” featuring Super8 films and & 7 inch singles put on by Cube projectionist, Ali, the next day, and almost next door in Cafe Kino.

It was lovely.

And hopefully the first of more.

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