Tardiness, Shameful Shameful Tardiness

My humble apologies friends, for I am a lazy SONOFABITCH. Why the good lady Zuleika goes to a load of effort booking and organising all the cabert goodness and what do I do? Tell a few jokes and then forget FOR OVER A YEAR to post blogs of whata damn fine time was had by all. Well they say a picture tells a million stories, so I leave you with two pictures, one from Christmas 2007, where amongst others Vexkiddy, Boys and Dance and Pedro entertained us
Cube Cabaret Richie Paradise 2007

And fun from last March with B.A.D again, The Scarlett Vixens, and more good things than you can shake a stick at:
Cube Cabaret march 2008

Anyhow, The Cabaret has been going from strength to strength, do join us this Saturday for more fun.

Big Love, Captain Richie Paradise Captain Richie Paradise x

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