The Drawing Exchanges Festival

The Drawing Exchanges Festival starts in just over two weeks.

10 days of drawing events in Bristol

Saturday 24th April – 4th May 2009.

all events are FREE and EVERYBODY IS WELCOME.

Kayle Brandon and Lady Lucy present:

Alice Forward, Anna Lucas, Andrew Mania & Daniel Rush, Animate, Aviv Kruglansk & Vahida Ramujkic, Brian Dawn Chalkley, Corey Orbisons, David Hopkinson, Emma Bush & Pete Harrison, Fránçois Marry, John Stark, Jessica Marlowe , Keira Rathbone Goodiepal, Heath Bunting & Sarah Flint, Laura Oldfield Ford, Lady Stubbs, Marcia Farquhar &Mahali O’Hare, Patricia Jordan, Rebecca Swindell, Simon Webb and Tom Stubbs & Michael Smith.

For a full programme look here :



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