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Ladyfest Cabaret….

Book your Charabanc and start sticking on those rhinestones because the next Cabaret of Curiosities is fast approaching, Darlings! This time we’re joining forces with Ladyfest to bring you a wonderful array of female led acts including live performance and … Continue reading

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May brought us Zuleika Zeigfield’s second ever Cube Cabaret, a cheeky tip of the hat to the great days of the Ol’ British Musichall, with a dash of striptease for good measure. As ever the Hosts looked simply divine being … Continue reading

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Up Up Cabaret!

As Zuleika said a while ago a merry band of us finally gave The Cube it’s first cabaret night, and what a fine one it was. Zuleika was Ernie Wise to my Eric Morecambe, ie I told bad jokes while … Continue reading

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The Cube Cabaret!!

And some more sketches and a photo or two from The First Ever Cube Vaudeville, Zuleika Ziegfeld’s Cabaret of Curiosities David Bouilabaisse trained with the Dave Fish Theatre Company before dedicating himself to the art of legerdemain. A great performance. … Continue reading

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Some Sketches

As you can see from David’s post below, this wonder was created with five tubes of Writing Icing (thanks to Bristol City Council funding). On a Saturday afternoon. With Hoppo, James, Amy and myself. 16th february 2007, this was the … Continue reading

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A Cabaret of Curiosities…tomorrow

Unless you are being tempted by the electro and gold paved streets of the metropolis, in which case ‘hur-umph!’, you are sure to be entranced by tomorrow nights diversionary, delusionary delights by twilight…. Sat 24th / 7.30pm / £6/5 Drinks … Continue reading

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