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Blog stands for B-ack-log

Hmm, I seem to have settled into a student-washing-up style pattern of occasional blog splurges ( but thanks to Richie for keeping Orchestral updates coming and the different perspective ). I’ve been even more snowed under than usual with a … Continue reading

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Max Blackout on Steroids

Well, things didn’t go too smoothly yesterday – I was seized by an incapacitating asthma attack ( probably brought on by recent the storm). Something I’ve never had to deal with before, and hopefully won’t have to again – it’s … Continue reading

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Venn Sat

Saturday Venn started for me with the end of the demo derby at The Cube . . . Apparently, Jonno later told me ( hosting and on the far left ), for the first few tracks the monitors had all … Continue reading

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Encounters ( kind 3 )

As part of Alias Encounters – related to Alias Arts, which The Cube is involved with via our advisor Mister Graeme Hogg – a group from the Cube went on a trip to Sidmouth on Sunday. I travelled there with … Continue reading

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Orchestras, Battleships and Jars

Bit late on the post, but this is all about Wednesday . . . First off my second experience of The Cube Orchestra and my first in it . . . I was playing decks, initially going to be placed … Continue reading

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Do they live under bridges? I saw many this Christmas. I was with all my family except Brenda, who was away with the faries, at Kids J’s place in Surry. I got charged for smoking my i-pod on a train … Continue reading

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TV on the wain you know

Well, I’m feeling under the weather and excuse me for lashing out at a super soft target, but, after being laid up in bed and subjecting myself to ‘The 100 Greatest TV Treats of 2004’ and ‘Winners and Losers 2004’ … Continue reading

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Isan and Snow

That’s, Isan . . . And snow . . .

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