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Latest events at last

Late again, but here’s my perspective on recent(ish) Cube related events . . . I was in The Cube for filming of the first pre-recorded version of Max Blackout for the Tollgate House project, with Adam and Ali ( a.k.a. … Continue reading

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More Murcof

Sorry about the pretty poor pic in the last ( past ) post, I was just hyped to get it up on the 05/06 cusp. Personally, I liked 2005 cos of it’s strange visual symmetry on an old school calculator, … Continue reading

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Close of the Edit ( draft one )

Apologies again for a lack of posts recently – life, and to some extent electricity and phonelines, have been disrupted round my way due to decorating, but hey, almost a month after the event, here’s my run down on the … Continue reading

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Cutting up Compton

Surprising how many have 0% profanity in this clever ‘isolationist’ piece. Also check the links for some interesting graf bits . . .

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Set the controls, Captain

Ok, not strictly cubequese, but rather related. This weekend I went to Sheffield with Jem & Rod to perform that rescore of ‘Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow’ for the Lovebytes festival, comissioned by old Cubetoian Ben Slater . … Continue reading

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moog : sick

The Cube’s still a bit understaffed and overstretched due to various viri / bad colds doing the rounds. The Moog night was great, with an amazing performance by the ‘band featuring members of portishead’ but only half of it was … Continue reading

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old skool nes tech awesome site. go and download some old game tunes and dance around your workplace or home. best one i found so far is m. bison’s theme from streetfighter 2

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Me, You and Everyone We know

Me, you and Everyone We know Miranda’s new full length feature. Super excited about this. found out bout this thru new film blog called Film Light And just for The Gossip section I heard a rumour once that Miranda was … Continue reading

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kevin cuts

If like me you like a bit of the cut up stuff, this might interest you.

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The Wilhelm Scream

I don’t know if this is a widely well known film sound thing, I’m guessing it probably is, but I just happened across it recently – the ‘Wilhelm Scream’ is a particular archive scream sound effect that’s been used in … Continue reading

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