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More Murcof

Sorry about the pretty poor pic in the last ( past ) post, I was just hyped to get it up on the 05/06 cusp. Personally, I liked 2005 cos of it’s strange visual symmetry on an old school calculator, … Continue reading

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icer iced, baby

Guess I must shoulder some of the blame for letting the loon loose – I met Timmy at the Arnolfini’s Playing John Cage preview, and persuaded him to come to The Cube to see Daedelus play – when he got … Continue reading

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This time, I’m not so green

Recently due to one thing and another, I’ve been serially envious of others who have enjoyed various magnificences I’ve missed at The Cube and elsewhere of late . . . However nothing could stop me from witnessing living legend Damo … Continue reading

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Encounters ( kind 1 & 2 )

Later on Thursday I went to meet old Bristolian ( presently in Kent ) and sometime Cube frequenter, Phil Hall who was down for the Animated Encounters festival. On the way I encoutered Fr�n�ois and Mark . . . . … Continue reading

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moog : sick

The Cube’s still a bit understaffed and overstretched due to various viri / bad colds doing the rounds. The Moog night was great, with an amazing performance by the ‘band featuring members of portishead’ but only half of it was … Continue reading

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Linus & Lucy / David & Saul

Friday night saw the third plug58 night curated by the marvellous multi-talented Rudegal Rasha Shaheen Pretty much full capacity crowd, and an interesting variety line up including films, theatre, puppetry, Beautiful guitar abstraction, piano playing lego robots, and punk pop … Continue reading

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pee resourceful

In certain circumstances you have to make the most of what’s to hand. Good know if global climate change gets to the point that the Cube Bar gets caught in an avalanche.

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Orchestras, Battleships and Jars

Bit late on the post, but this is all about Wednesday . . . First off my second experience of The Cube Orchestra and my first in it . . . I was playing decks, initially going to be placed … Continue reading

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Punski’s Empties

Saturday saw Punski’s birthday here at The Cube.

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ginseng returns ( x2 )

No longer will I have no idea what to ask for as I approach The Cube Bar An internal missive suggests we actually have an unnecessary abundance . . . “after not having ginseng for few months, we now have … Continue reading

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