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Surfer The Little Children

Yes we were all Children once my friends (I can’t believe I was 16 in that photo), I remember when Pater took me under his arm and said ‘Son, this is a Dick Dale record, I hid this up my … Continue reading

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QuWack, once again

Oh hello. It’s been a while, but I wasn’t going to miss this one . . . Last Friday found The Cube holding the 2nd ( or is it the 3rd . . ? ) part of QuWack, the mini-festival … Continue reading

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QuWack, QuWack

This Friday & Saturday saw a new mini-festival brought to us by Qu Juncktions . . . QuWack This was QuWack, number 1, “M” ( for all Male. Next, obviously, will be “F” for all female . . . ) … Continue reading

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‘nother late result : Tollgate 2, ‘tween time . . . not so much

Like the first Tollgate update, this one’s a little late, well a lot late actually – mainly because I got knocked out by this monster cold/flu that you probably have had too, and that might well have come from hanging … Continue reading

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Latest events at last

Late again, but here’s my perspective on recent(ish) Cube related events . . . I was in The Cube for filming of the first pre-recorded version of Max Blackout for the Tollgate House project, with Adam and Ali ( a.k.a. … Continue reading

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More Murcof

Sorry about the pretty poor pic in the last ( past ) post, I was just hyped to get it up on the 05/06 cusp. Personally, I liked 2005 cos of it’s strange visual symmetry on an old school calculator, … Continue reading

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talking about, YEAH, nuclear war, YEAH!

As you may have already read, Hog programmed a series of depressing nuclear war films for his 30th birthday – it’s nice to have a theme. Sadly he wasn’t in tip top condition – just a cold though, not the … Continue reading

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Close of the Edit ( draft one )

Apologies again for a lack of posts recently – life, and to some extent electricity and phonelines, have been disrupted round my way due to decorating, but hey, almost a month after the event, here’s my run down on the … Continue reading

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Voyage outside The Cube

Yes, another not strictly Cube event, but still in the extended family thanks to organiser of the old pedestrian nights ( and so much more ) Tom Pause_2. Now we are up to September 24th, and Voyage into The Unknown … Continue reading

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Cube Orchestra back in the Cube

After last week’s outdoor outing, Orchestra Cube was back on stage this Wednesday . . . The plan had been to have some sort of practice for our part in the Here shop party, which involves playing with drawers ( … Continue reading

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