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  1. mr_h says:

    Or some cubey comments . . . ?

  2. ladylucy says:

    yes I think you should get extaordinary to be a special guest on the Blog.
    you should ask people to be special guests for a week. That be great.

  3. tom says:

    just a blatant backup plug to say that this will definitely be worth tuning in to.

    it’s been too long since i heard some GOED.

  4. tom says:

    back now.

    slight technical hitch, ie it accidentally got deleted.

  5. adam says:

    re: “with Rod, looking like he’d just got back from some kind of expedition”
    ..if harmony korine was english

  6. mr_h says:

    WHAT THE . . . !


  7. adam says:

    that’ll be the Nodo in him

  8. addi+ionaL says:

    i’d buy that for a dollar!

  9. tom says:

    merry christmas cube and all. thanks for an amazing christmas party with thematic idiosyncrasies, freeze puppy’s most apocalyptic christmas songs and santa ed; a truly bizarre evening.

  10. Rasha says:

    the computer can really sing! love it!

  11. rasha says:

    this method of folding is strangely satisfying

  12. mr_h says:

    But only if you’re a true star too it seems – “Sharona has been finding entertainment professionals their dream home for over 14 years . . . entertainers mind, there’s something simpatico.”

    What is simpatico?
    And why is handsome millionaire Lyle Carter in the process of selling it?

  13. mr_h says:

    You can also find Festive Fifty lists on-line hereabouts

  14. mr_h says:

    Quick, Thue’s got it in for us!

  15. tom says:

    does somebody (adam / hoppo) have a suitable picture of the Cube to go on

    it needs to be released in the public domain to post it..?

  16. mr_h says:

    I don’t have a generic external shot of The Cube – I think Adam probably does though . . .

  17. Ena says:

    i stumbled over your page looking for a devandra banhart site.
    so yeah

    that’s a nice haircut btw:)

  18. mr. benjamin slater says:

    loving the blog folks… makes daily cube-life very tangible to one so far away. ta!

  19. mr_hopkinson says:

    By the way, I am also known as Granzon, but enough about me already. Sheesh. May as well call it ‘The Hopblog’.

    Balls to Hoppo – More Cubes please.

  20. adam says:

    hi mr_h

    your photos would be valuable here too –>

  21. adam says:

    seems has had to remove it due to bandwidth problems…. this may be an alternative –>

  22. mr_h says:

    There is already a “flyers & posters” cat, check it Dubble L!

  23. extraordinary says:

    I heard he still owes millions in unpaid royalties to supergroup extreme…

  24. adam says:

    Hi Mr_H
    temporary accomodation of your Rotterdam photos [web compressed] –>
    … can be transfered to your home when you return:] is that soon?

  25. Erin says:

    I don’t know about MIranda but David Lynch does have a daughter named Jennifer who directed a film called Boxing Helena.


  26. Richard says:

    OMFG! Me, You, and Everyone we know is the best damn movie ever!
    You will LOVE this one!
    I saw it at its premiere at Sundance, and it was, by far, my favorite movie of the festival.

  27. mr_h says:

    oh and ‘pancake lizard’ off the donkey rhubarb e.p. ( 1995 ) by aphex twin doesn’t count. ( Needs to actually feature the word pancake in the song )

  28. mr_h says:

    good luck

  29. mr_h says:

    As we all know, we all missed you before you’d even gone, but a virtual RLF tops no RLF at all. Well come to the blog . . .

  30. extraordinary says:

    sorry I missed you lady!
    That’s me on the right with the big green head, eating that small child
    (queues for restauraunts were really long)

  31. extraordinary says:

    great picture, by the way.

  32. Francis says:

    Tori Amos

    i’m not sure who’s fooling who here
    as i’m watching your decay
    we both know you could deflate
    a 7 hurricane
    seems like you and your tribe
    decided you’d rewrite the law
    segregate the mind
    from body and soul

    you give me yours
    i’ll give you mine
    cause i can look your god
    right in the eye
    you give me yours
    i’ll give you mine
    you used to look my god
    right in the eye

    i believe in defending
    in what we once
    stood for
    it seems in vogue
    to be a closet
    misogynist homophobe

    a change of course in
    our direction
    a dash of truth
    spread thinly
    like a flag
    on a popstar
    on a benzodiazapene


    oh zion please
    remove your glove
    and dispel every
    of his spoken word
    that has lodged
    in my vortex

    i’m not sure who’s fooling who here
    as i’m watching your decay
    we both know you could deflate
    a 7 hurricane
    you could have spared
    her – oh but no
    messiahs need
    people dying in their
    you say “i ordered you a
    you say “i ordered you a

  33. Francis says:

    Element Eighty
    » Pancake Land

    You don’t know the truth
    so much more tha you knew
    lifeless and bleeding
    I’m screaming inside of you

    I take a hold of everything you say and I throw it right back in your face
    if you don’t like my reputation you can suck my dick
    like it ever even mattered what you said to me anyway
    like I give a shit about you anyway

    So take me away from here
    cause I can’t destroy this fear that always will be here
    I am alone in here

    Nothing can teach me
    No one can reach me
    seeping through the skin
    I’m screaming inside of you

    So take me away from here
    cause I can’t destroy this fear that always will be here
    Well I am alone in here

    I take a hold of everything you say and I throw it right back in your face
    if you don’t like my reputation you can suck my dick
    like it ever even mattered what you said to me anyway
    like I give a shit about you anyway

    now you will never know me
    now you will never know me
    now you will never know me
    now you will never know

    So take me away from here
    cause I can’t destroy this fear that always will be here
    well I am alone in here

  34. Francis says:

    Frank Zappa
    St. Alphonzo’s Pancake Breakfast

    Yes indeed, here we are!
    At Saint Alfonzo’s Pancake Breakfast
    Where I stole the mar-juh-reen
    An’ widdled on the Bingo Cards in lieu of the latrine
    I saw a handsome parish lady
    Make her entrance like a queen
    Why she was totally chenille
    And her old man was a Marine
    As she abused a sausage pattie
    And said why don’t you treat me mean?
    (Hurt me, hurt me, hurt me, oooooh!)
    At Saint Alfonzo’s Pancake Breakfast
    (Hah! Good God! Get off the bus!)
    Where I stole the mar-juh-reen . . .

    Saint Alfonzo
    Saint Alfonzo
    Saint Alfonzo
    Saint Alfonzo
    Ooo-ooo-WAH . . .

  35. Francis says:

    (see verse 2, line 3)

    The Banana Splits
    Written by Ritchie Adams & Mark Barkan

    One banana, two banana, three banana, four
    Four bananas make a bunch and so do many more.
    Over hill and highway the banana buggies go
    Comin’ to bring you the Banana Split show
    Makin’ up a mess of fun, makin’ up a mess of fun
    Lots of fun for everyone

    Tra la la, la la la la
    Tra la la, la la la la

    Four banana, three banana, two banana, one
    All bananas playin’ in the bright warm sun.
    Flippin’ like a pancake, popping like a cork
    Fleegle, Bingo, Drooper an’ Snork


    Two banana, four banana, one banana, three
    Swingin’ like a bunch on monkeys, hangin’ from a tree.
    Hey there, ev’rybody, won’t you come along and see
    How much like Banana Splits ev’ryone can be


    Makin up a mess of fun
    Makin up a mess of fun
    Happiness for ev’ryone
    Tra la la, la la la la
    Tra la la, la la la la
    Tra la la, la la la la

  36. Francis says:

    Kid Rock
    Pancake Breakfast

    Smokin any thing that I can fit in a pipe
    slammin bottles of tussin and going fishing for pike
    Never uptight my high won’t permit it
    my problem’s life but I don’t sweat it, just live it
    And I’m not your average rapper
    got the same birthdate as Thomas Crapper
    So bitch better watch your back
    cuz I push more power than a Marshall stack
    Never the wack but oh so pesky
    some say I can’t flow but muther fucker don’t test me
    And if you arrest me you dumb cop
    I’ll find your daughter and I’ll give her this cock
    Kid Rock’s my mother fuckin name
    bitch u know me so pass the O.E.
    And don’t talk about takin me out
    cuz I got your girl and I’m makin her shout
    Just like a piano I’m really grand
    and I got more riffs than Steely Dan
    Some friends call me fly
    but most just call me when they wanna get high
    It ain’t the disco Cisco Kid muther fucker
    it’s the outlasting shotgun-blasting
    dick-swingin’ pussy lickin’ punk
    little skinny muther fucker and I’m not no hunk
    But I got more rhymes than a cornfield stalks
    and I turn more tricks than Tony Hawk
    Walk with a limp cuz I pimp like a pro
    and if ya dis me punk I’ll fuck your ho
    And though you think I’m nothing more than a young punk
    I’m like a hound dog chasin a chipmunk
    I move quick like a cheetah
    and it ain’t shit to me to just beat a
    M.C. down who looks like a dick
    jumpin ’round like a homo on a pogo stick
    Yo rock, What’s up stop being a jerk
    and just “Give ’em an example of how a D.J. works”
    Cuz it’s blackjack and I got two aces
    been many places seen many faces
    and everywhere I go people wanna jive
    so I keep my fingers on my .45
    So don’t cross my dusty path
    or I’ll put my foot up in crusty ass
    Don’t front ho pass the jay
    then hear me M.C. and watch me D.J.
    to the beat y’all and I won’t stop
    and I’ma rock this shit till your eardrums pop
    Everybody’s tryin’ to get a piece of the pie
    but I don’t let bullshit spoil my high

  37. Francis says:


    Written By: Christina Rossetti
    Music By: Mildred Hinkle Halle
    Adapted By: Terry Kluytmans
    Copyright © 1999 Terry Kluytmans

    Mixin’ pancakes,
    Stirrin’ pancakes,
    Pop ’em in the pan;
    Fryin’ pancakes,
    Flippin’ pancakes,
    Catch ’em if you can!

  38. Francis says:

    (Possibly the song I Don’t Like Pancakes, performed at the scout hut, was an ‘answer song’ to this:)

    I Sure Love Pancakes
    © Mark Weakland 1995

    Ooo boy I sure love pancakes Mmmm hmmm I ‘ll have another

    Ooo boy I sure love pancakes Won’t you please pass the syrup and the butter

    Ooo Boy I sure love pancakes When I’m blue they pick me up.

    Ooo boy, I sure love pancakes Won’t you please pass the butter and the syrup

    I want Blueberry pancakes, strawberry pancakes, pancakes with chocolate chips

    Pancakes with butter? I’ll have another! Just lay them at my fingertips

    Pancakes in the morning pancakes in the evening pancakes in the afternoon

    You can eat ’em in a plane, in a car or a train You can eat them in a hot air balloon

    I want pancakes and ham, pancakes with spam, pancakes with bacon and eggs

    Pancakes make me sigh and holler and cry Pancakes make me get down and beg…

    Please… won’t you make me just one more pancake? REFRAIN

    Griddle cakes, Johnny Cakes, put em on the stove to bake

    Heap them in the middle of my plate

    I don’t want a waffle, a crepe would be awful, just build me a stack of those pancakes

    Give me buckwheat pancakes, cornmeal pancakes, pancakes with bacon on the side

    Big ones, small ones, the low-cholesterol ones Bring on every taste and size

    Pancakes and ham, pancakes with spam, pancakes with scrambled eggs

    Pancakes make me sigh and holler and cry Pancakes make me get down and beg…

    Please, oh pretty please May I have just one more pancake? Refrain

  39. Francis says:

    Were Meant For Me

    I hear the clock, it’s 6 A.M.,
    I feel so far away from where I’ve been.
    I got my eggs, got my pancakes, too.
    Got my maple syrup, ev’rything but you.
    I break the yolks and make a smiley face,
    I kinda like it in my brand new place.
    Wipe the spots above the mirror,
    Don’t leave the keys in the door.
    I never put wet towels on the floor anymore, ’cause

    Dreams last so long,
    Even after you’re gone.
    I know, that you love me
    And soon you will see
    You were meant for me,
    And I was meant for you.

    I called my momma, she was out for a walk.
    Consoled a cup of coffee, but it didn’t wanna talk.
    So I picked up a paper, it was more bad news.
    More hearts being broken or people being used.
    Put on my coat in the pouring rain.
    I saw a movie, it just wasn’t the same.
    ‘Cause it was happy and I was sad
    And it made me miss you, oh, so bad.


    Go about my bus’ness, I’m doing fine.
    Besides, a-what would I say if I had you on the line?
    Same old story not much to say,
    Hearts are broken ev’ry day.

    I brush my teeth and put the cap back on.
    I know you hate it when I leave the light on.
    I pick a book up and then I turn the sheets down,
    And then I take a deep breath and a good look around.
    Put on my pj’s and hop into bed.
    I’m half alive, but I feel mostly dead.
    I try and tell myself it’ll be all right,
    I just shouldn’t think anymore tonight.


    Yeah, you were meant for me
    And I was meant for you.

  40. Francis says:

    Sugar And Sunshine

    It was a date
    A double date
    We had milk shakes
    Chocolate and Strawberry
    Cheese sticks, mashed potatoes
    Were our appetizers
    We shared spaghetti
    Till our lips met
    Then we looked into their eyes
    That were telling us…
    You are my sugar and sushine
    My pancakes and honey
    My lovee dovee
    When the dessert finally arrived
    We held hands
    Strolled in the park
    And realized…
    So this is puppy love
    So we sang
    You are my sugar and sushine
    My pancakes and honey
    My lovee dovee

  41. Francis says:

    (See verse 1, line 2)

    Kanye West
    Through The Wire

    Yo G they can’t stop me from rapping can they?
    Can that huh?
    I spit it through the wire man
    Too much stuff on my heart right now man
    I’ll probably risk it all right now
    It’s a life or death situation man
    Y’all don’t really understand how I feel right now man
    It’s your boy Kayne to the….
    Chi-Town what’s going on man

    [Verse 1]
    I drink a boost for breakfast, an intro for dizzert
    Somebody ordered pancakes I just sip the sizzurp
    That right there could drive a sane man bizzurp
    Not to worry the Mr. H says that the izzles back wizzerk
    How can you console my mom or give her life support
    When you telling her your sons’ on life support
    And just imagine how my girl feel
    On the plane scared as hell that her guy look like Ed Mitill
    She was with me before the deal she been trying to be mine
    She a delta so she been throwing them Donahue signs
    I’m use to trying to reline
    I been trying to resign
    Trying to be a millionaire
    How I use two lifelines
    In the same hospital where BIG and Tupac died
    The doctor said I had blood clots
    But I ain’t your nigga man
    Story on MTV and I ain’t trying to make a band
    I swear this right here is history in the making man

    I really apologize how I sound right now man
    This ain’t fair at all man
    They got my mouth wired shut for like I don’t know the doctor said for like six weeks
    You know we had reconstru….
    I had reconstructive surgery on my jaw
    Looked in the mirror half my jaw was missing and half my mouth
    I couldn’t believe it
    But im still here for yall right now yo
    This is what I gotta say yo
    Yeah, turn me up yeah

    [Verse 2]
    What if somebody from the shadow was ill got a deal on the hottest rap label around
    But he wasn’t talking bout coke and birds it was more like spoken word
    Except he really putting it down
    And he explained the story about how blacks came from glory
    And what we need to do in the game
    Good dude, Bad night, Right place, Wrong time
    In the blink of an eye his whole life changed
    If you could feel how my face felt you would know how Mase felt
    Thank God I ain’t to cool for the safe belt
    I swear to God drive two on the sue
    I got lawyer for the case to keep my safe book safe
    My dawgs couldn’t tell if I
    I look Tom Cruise on Vanilla Sky
    All they heard was in accident like GEICO
    They thought I was burnt up like Pepsi did Michael
    I must gotta angel
    Cause look how death missed his ass
    Unbreakable, would you thought they called me Mr. Glass
    Look back on my life like the ghost of Christmas past
    Toys R Us where I used to spend that Christmas cash
    And I still wont grow up, I’m a grown ass kid
    Swear I should be locked up for stupid shit that I did
    But I’m a champion, so I turned tragedy to triumph
    Make music that’s fire, spit my soul through the wire

    Know what im saying
    When the doctor told me I had a um.. I was goin to have a plate on my chin
    I said dawg don’t you think didn’t you realize I’ll never make it on the plane now
    Its bad I got all this jewelry on
    Can’t be serious man

  42. Francis says:

    No Doubt
    A Little Something Refreshing

    I’m hungry
    I’m starving
    I want some food for my tummy

    I want some
    Pizza coke and ice cream
    Popcorn cotton candy
    Marshmallows milkshake and peanuts
    Would be so great
    Pies chips candy apples
    Twinkies frosted flakes
    Donuts french fries
    And some chocolate cake with mustard
    Cookies avocados pancakes
    Pineapple juice
    Whipped cream on some raw meat
    That’s not all I could eat

    I’m hungry
    I’m starving
    I want some food for my tum…

    I want some
    Honey roasted walnuts
    Pepperoni slices
    Pasta and burritos
    Different kinds of rices
    Cherries dipped in chocolate
    Cottage cheese and jelly
    Colonel sander’s chicken
    Still won’t fill my belly
    Broccoli sticky syrup
    Churros dipped in sauce
    Drippy sloppy joes

    Then I’m full at last
    Ahhh ahhh
    I’m full at last

  43. Francis says:

    Jamie Barnett
    I Love Pancakes

    I eat pancakes at night
    I eat pancakes all day
    If someone says “Do you want pancakes?”
    I always say OK

    I love
    I love pancakes
    I love
    I love pancakes
    I love
    I love pancakes
    I love pancakes so much

    If there are pancakes left from breakfast
    I’ll have pancakes for lunch
    Cause I love’m when they’re soft and warm
    And I love’m when they crunch

    I love…

    When I finish all my pancakes
    I always ask for more
    If a pancake falls off my plate
    I eat it off the floor

    I love…

    I eat pancakes with a fork
    I eat pancakes with a spoon
    I eat pancakes with my hands
    I hope I have some pancakes soon

    I love…

  44. mr_h says:

    I stand very much corrected . . . thank you Francis !

  45. Francis says:

    I must admit I had to look these up. I wouldn’t have thought of any of them spontaneously, and indeed I only knew a few of these songs. Don’t thank me, thank Google! This was the result of only a quick search – other pancake records must also exist, surely. But hopefully these might give a few ideas for DJing at future years’ pancake events – and the best part of a year is still available, to try to acquire some of these tracks.

  46. mr_h says:

    I already have the banana splits, somewhere . . .

  47. david says:

    well all of a sudden a little cube logo comes up next to my bookmark. could it be magic?

  48. adam says:

    It’s an “icon” file.. well sort of.. it’s actaually a .png as I don’t have the means to create .ico files… but works the same. Dan must have loaded it into the cube site with the HTML ref for browser address bars and bookmarks. Doesn’t seem to appear on the Cube site yet though? They’re odd things.. sometimes takes a while for them to start appearing properly, cache etc. + They never appear in I.E. — what a suprise.

  49. tom says:

    is this the return of big ting? or did it return already?

  50. robyn says:

    i also saw this movie at its premiere at sundance and it was one of the funniest movies ive ever seen. i loved it.

  51. zuleika says:

    Sorry lucy I stole your identity. Don’t know how to log in.

  52. Posters says:

    works for me too, thanks man. great system you’ve made, i love it.

  53. zoo foxxx says:

    wowsers !

  54. mr_h says:

    check yer mail, z

  55. Richie Paradise says:

    If only the link to me wasn’t of just the back of me head, but a groovy drum solo with
    animal from the muppets. good work with the pics from Mr H.

  56. mr_h says:

    snip! It’s rejigged to fit.

  57. Kaitlynn says:

    Pankes are my only doing and i’m burnung ahaha uh, thats great i just wanna give ‘er some because she wont stop bugging
    me… just give her food..she’ll shut up quickly..

  58. Richie says:

    Ah! You captured me in full frontal drummage to perfection!

  59. Francis says:

    About Nathan Barley – I know it’s had loads of media coverage, but the following might be of particular interest. It’s a rare interview (by email) with Chris Morris and co-writer Charlie Brooker, from the Sunday Times (27 Mar 2005).

    Also below is Times TV critic Caitlin Moran’s entertaining, if factually flawed, column about the series’ allegedly male-centric approach. If anyone is interested, I will also post my (unpublished) refutation of her column.

    Interview: It’s hard to be an idiot
    Well dense? Chris Morris and his co-writer explain the sitcom Nathan Barley to Stephen Morris

    The first series of Nathan Barley clattered to a close on Channel 4 last weekend, and a quick perusal of the cuttings suggests that the series, written by Chris Morris and Charlie Brooker, has to date garnered more column inches than the return of Doctor Who. From wild adulation to astonishingly bad-tempered invective, Nathan Barley’s depiction of the excesses of wigged-out nu-media types more than made up for disappointing ratings with its disproportionate social impact.

    Online teen chat rooms spotting self-obsessed idiots refer to them instantly as “a bit of a Nathan Barley”, suggesting the phrase will join “Up to a point, Lord Copper” and “It goes up to eleven” in the rich pantheon of catch phrases that American college professors (and Barleys) like to call memes: sampled and sampled until those who use them aren’t entirely sure why. Others have sought to defend Barleyism, among them the anonymous correspondent who angrily found the truth a little close to home: “I am constantly quoting Robin from vintage Batman cartoons, which is a bit Barleyish,” he huffed in a BBC chat room, “but it can be funny (trust me on this one).”

    If the series has made it impossible to claim ironic ownership of kitsch, it will have performed an immeasurable service. From the early 1990s, the possibility of mutilating anything of value, then facing criticism with a sneered “whatever”, has become the dominant cultural discourse. At the same time, the series introduced two actors of startling skill: the stand-up comedian Julian Barratt, whose portrayal of the collapsing style writer Dan Ashcroft was understated and powerful; and a newcomer, Nick Burns, as Nathan, who brought an unexpected depth to a character originally conceived as the archetypal prat.

    Amid all the debate on the series, the voices of its creators have been hard to hear. Chris Morris and Charlie Brooker created the show out of a character on Brooker’s website, TvGoHome, but have said little about either their intentions or their response to the criticism. In a brief e-mail chat last week, however, they outlined their views with considerable aplomb. It was well bum.

    ST: “Some reviewers have said they were surprised they didn’t hate Barley as much as they were meant to.”

    Chris Morris: “Well, if they found they didn’t completely hate Barley, why conclude that they were meant to? Alan Partridge was an arsehole, but how many times do you hear people say, ‘I’m worried I don’t hate him enough’? No matter how heinous someone’s behaviour, if you make them a comic character, you can’t expect people to hate them. Jack T Ripper effectively blew up the planet — do you hate him? “When people say ‘love to hate’, they actually mean ‘love to be appalled by’ — if they truly hated them, they’d never repeat a catch phrase.

    “Nathan is not al-Zarqawi. He’s a cocky tool who tries too hard. If you really expect that to summon the full force of your hatred, I’d say you were mentally ill. In a sitcom, you travel with the monster — you don’t just see them from the outside. Even on Charlie’s original TvGoHome website, which has a much more exterior viewpoint than a sitcom, the sheer level of psychotic rage spewed at Barley is part of the joke — it’s implicitly unreasonable.”

    Charlie Brooker: “The fury vented in the TVGH listings was so patently over the top, only a bastard couldn’t have felt slightly sorry for Nathan even then. Nathans in general don’t strike me as nasty or scheming — they simply display a rather irritating enthusiasm for life, or rather a version of life that’s essentially an imaginary movie starring themselves in the lead role.”

    ST: “Some people seem unable to watch the programme without going into neurotic convulsions over whether it is a sitcom or a satire …”

    CM: “A sitcom isn’t usually the right tool for satire… When you watched I’m Alan Partridge, did you really go, ‘Thank God they’re exploding the hideous world of the local-radio DJ in temporary accommodation’? Or The Office, ‘At last someone’s rodding the paper merchants!’? You can have incidentals that are satirical — background jokes, peripheral characters — but mainly you’re concerned with the psychological flaws of your lead.”

    ST: “Great sitcoms always have tragedy somewhere at their heart. Do you see tragedy in the characters in Nathan Barley? Is there hope of redemption?”

    CM: “Hmm. Not sure how much tragedy there is in Porridge, Yes, Minister or Seinfeld, but both Dan and Nathan have access to desperation. Nathan is certainly headed for a massive crisis — possibly as soon as his next birthday (he is 26), when a party photo reveals a receding hairline, he finds his string vest riding up on his belly and he is struck by his first true insight into his own uselessness. Twenty-seven is the most common age for men to commit suicide.

    “For Dan, with his greater self-knowledge, redemption hovers just out of arm’s reach, and I suspect he will make increasingly desperate lunges for it. One reason we couldn’t hate Nathan is because, beneath the honking idiocy, he is desperate. He cares too much what people think, so he can’t be effortlessly cool — he can only try to appear so. And that’s very hard work: studied nonchalance is driven by a turbocharged insecurity. That’s enough empathy to understand his motives, but not enough to excuse him. The pursuit of approval usually ends in disaster.”

    CB: “I think Nathan will end up going crazy, simply because he’s got so many inconsequential choices to make, all of which involve the way he’s perceived. Look at the way mobile phones are marketed — apparently, when you buy one, you’re buying something that will “express who you are”, something others will judge you by. If that’s true, society might as well drown itself in a bucket and have done with it. You should only judge someone by their mobile phone if they’ve hand-painted a swastika on it. But even though you know the whole notion of that is ridiculous, the terror’s going to be bubbling away somewhere in your head next time you’re in Carphone Warehouse looking for a new handset.

    “Extrapolate from that one example to cover virtually everything you can think of, from the type of trousers you wear to your views on globalisation, and you’ve got a world full of things for Nathan to take sides on, but never personally analyse. His brain’ll revolt in the end.”

    CM: “And you can score Nathans in Manchester, Hastings — I’ve seen a pair in Whitby, and they hadn’t just been blown off course. The world of nu-media gunslingers with nothing to say, and every conceivable way of saying it in a world of gadgets, bars, clothes and mock attitude, is a repeat module in cities across Britain … the Hoxton label is not ours: it’s the London media’s.”

    Girls last laugh
    Caitlin Moran
    Male comedy writers can’t seem to create funny women, which may be why viewers in their droves are deserting Nathan Barley

    Nathan Barley has shed half its audience in six weeks

    THE second-most anticipated sitcom of the decade, after Ricky Gervais’s soon-coming Extras, is Nathan Barley, but it has tanked badly on Channel 4. Now nearing the end of a six-week run, Barley has dropped from 1.2 million to 0.7 million viewers and failed to register in Channel 4’s Top 30 programmes.
    Losing almost half your audience after three episodes is surely a carelessness on a par with losing both parents, although some of the defections can be put down to cunning scheduling by ITV. They put a season of Bond films on opposite it and posed, for many, the ultimate Friday night dilemma: satire or Halle Berry’s tits?

    Still, this ratings loss is a sobering drop-off for a project by Chris Morris, a man who, since he intoned, “These are the headlines — I wish to God they weren’t” in The Day Today, has had one of the most loyal fanbases in comedy.

    Why has Barley done so badly? Some have posited the theory that it’s because the whole idea of the show — satirising media-crazed Hoxtonites with unbearable hair — is passé, as Hoxton is over. But frankly, saying that Hoxton is over is exactly the kind of thing that people from Hoxton would say, and therefore all grist to Barley’s mill.

    Hoxton, like the poor and Duran Duran, will always be with us. Several of Nathan Barley’s phrases have already crossed over into what passes for conversation among young people (“Keep it chopped out!” “Keep it futile!” “Awesome Welles!”), and the casting is, in itself, a work of quiet genius, particularly the Mighty Boosh’s Julian Barratt as the persistently compromised Dan, the fatally underused Richard Ayoade as Ned and Charlie Condou as the Jefferson Hack-like Jonnaton Yeah?.

    But Nathan Barley is unfocused, both structurally and in its satire. Personally, I suspect that as Chris Morris — along with his co-writer Charlie Brooker, who originally created the Nathan Barley character on his peerless website TVGoHome — did their reputed three years of research on Hoxton, they found that Hoxtonites’ main obsessions (new technology, unlistenable music, the boundaries of acceptability, silly slang) were, in fact, pretty close to many of their own. It’s difficult to find any other way of explaining why the character of Nathan Barley, who was, in his website incarnation, a wholly irredeemable sh**stain with all the morals of a bubonic flea, is now a loveable dandy buffoon with his heart in the right place.

    The lack of focus is equally puzzling. As anyone who remembers Channel 4’s brilliant documentary on the style magazine Dazed and Confused can testify, the most fertile area for a Hoxtonite satire is the workplace, with all its backbiting and unbelievable, gravity-reversing stupidity. Most of the best bits of Nathan Barley have been set in the office of Sugar Ape/Suga Rape magazine: people riding tricycles, shouting “It’s well Mexico!” and wearing tiny top hats.

    But perhaps mindful of treading on the monolithic toes of the The Office, of which Morris is apparently a great fan, Nathan Barley withdrew from the workplace and focused on the relationships of world-weary media-wannabe siblings Claire and Dan Ashcroft, who are supposed to represent the horror a “normal” person would experience on venturing to Hoxton.

    The problem with this is that one half of this partnership, Claire Ashcroft, is one of the worst TV characters this century. The woman has been landed with the unenviable role of having to provide the moral compass for a whole series. While all the other (male) characters are getting good lines, wearing silly hats, exhibiting multidimensionality and generally lining themselves up for a mention at the Comedy Awards, Claire Ashcroft has nothing more to do than display exasperated disapproval at the boys, slam a few doors and sigh like a punctured haggis over everything they say.

    It’s notable that the only other female character in Nathan Barley, the receptionist, has a role similarly disapproving of this silly, shallow, male media world — and this despite the fact that three of the most high-profile style magazine editors of the past ten years (Rachel Newsome at Dazed and Confused, Avril Mair at ID and Sheryl Garrett at The Face) have been female. This insistence on female characters who, in a perpetual male-loathing strop, do little more than re-enact severe PMT symptoms is a terrible waste of script-space.

    To be honest, I’ve seen the character of Claire Ashcroft before. I’ve seen her fill both roles of the miserable, furious women in Closer, pop up on UK Gold as Joy in Drop the Dead Donkey and Kochanski in Red Dwarf.

    When it comes to writing lead roles for young females, there appears to be a glitch affecting ostensibly liberal, middle-class screenwriters in their thirties and forties. They tend to create brunettes with nice tits who are articulate, cynical, good at pool and into Elvis Costello — and then, in a moment of self-realisation, fear that they’re engaged in little more than an upmarket version of the scene in Weird Science where the teenage boys creating their ideal woman on a computer give her breasts the size of beach balls.

    Scriptwriters tend to decide to cobble on the additional attributes of misandry and fury, ostensibly aimed a world of letches and boors but actually aimed at her creator for perving her. Of course, all this oddly fusty insistence that women are too sensible to bother with funny lines does solve one mystery — it’s suddenly easy to understand which half of Nathan Barley’s audience had abandoned it by episode three.

  60. mr_h says:

    Sorry for the delay in this comment appearing, Francis – it got caught by the spam filter!
    Please do post your “(unpublished) refutation of her column” if you still would like to 🙂

  61. Michelle says:

    what the hell is this about ?

  62. mr_h says:

    uk tv hasn’t been very good recently.

  63. tom says:

    very cool and very handy!

  64. adam says:

    sorry bout that last URL .. i should learn to tak more time with teh keyboard ..doh!

  65. Francis says:

    This seems like a great Cube souvenir concept. Hopefully the Cube annuals will become a long-running collectable institution like the Blue Peter books, and won’t end up in Broadmead remainder shops for 99p.

  66. mr_h says:

    Thank you, mister Stevens!

  67. mr_h says:

    Thanks Ben, I like you like horses like hay.

    By the way, “I like you like girl’s like horses” is from a Hurman Dune song,
    as performed at The Cube by them, but also in an extraordinary fashion by Ben in the office
    after Damo & Cul-De-Sac – if you were there you know what I’m talking about !

  68. adam says:

    now THATS’s a post [and then some].

  69. mr_h says:

    goood to have you black, adrain

  70. addi+ionaL says:

    hey, where’s our money! Fone your law man A.S.A.P.

  71. zoophoxx says:


  72. adam says:

    Got a bit worried there. thanks Mr_H, Tom + of course Kate and Heath for the behind the scenes and often unnoticed hard work.

  73. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    seconded thanks & respect to the behind-the-scenes teams, and apologies to Tom for posting basically the same message as his – I wrote it in the morning before dashing out and pressed submit on my return without checking ! )

  74. Jake says:

    hey so if that caption was sincere then whoever made it is freaking retarded and needs to realize that they don’t know that devandra’s music is just as good as anything else if not better because he doesn’t write about his 22’s or ipod or stupid shit like that. thank god there are people like you who think they know anything at allbu really don’t because you’re retarded.

  75. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Lady Lucy drew the drawing, and made the original post when she was the admin. She usually includes a statement from the person she is drawing, so I’m sincerely certain this was said by Devandra himself.

    If you would like to see more Lady Lucy drawings have a look here :

  76. tomment says:

    I couldn’t help but think of mr hopkinson as I sat in one of those seaside seat booths in Bexhill-on-Sea yesterday.

    I was facing some rather ugly buildings (not the sea, because all the sea-facing seats were taken) but I could hear some eerie sounds. It sounded like someone MCing at a pensioners disco. Or at least it did to me.

    And then I worked out what it was.. the seat booth thing had a crazy echo and it was the people on the other side of the booth just having a conversation.

    If only I had a means to record it.

  77. richie paradise says:

    When I sort it out I have some photos to add via my phone, though they may need some manipulating. A thoroughly magnificent(sometimes shambolic!) occasion. This has the makings of something big so buy shares in The Cube asap is my tip………

  78. Martin P says:

    I just came along to see people making fools of themselves, but ended up getting involved and having a whale of a time. I’m overjoyed that this is going to be a regular feature and I’d recommend it to anyone. The musicians were indeed amazing. My photos:

  79. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Wow, wish I’d been there !
    ( sorry I seemed to have missed this comment by almost a month, btw ! )

  80. yeah man richie, liam, hugh, it was hot i thought. totall full on rant and noise and no goddam having to think about it or wonder if we were ‘doing it right’ my claims are true from my memmmory boys. i was there. the venue lauded us as being in the spirit of the pop group. it was good times and the revolutionary mind set will never leave me. music is not for the capitalist machinery of hellish corporate but to set the spirit free. but we were not called ‘the big thought’ though. i remember seeing the pop group support patti smith in cardiff. aye those were the days and they never ended in my head.bristol was just such a place to be back then. we were a highly recognisable contigent.i remember going to a talk in london that ornette coleman was giving and the face or was it the wire? writing up that the bristol boho contigent were in evidence. “we had our own way of walking. and our own way of talking” and we were quite the in crowd for five minutes. and then i think you had to come from sheffield or you were no one. and i could never do that accent so i gave up and went into coprporate finance.

  81. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Sorry about the 3/4, Mister P – not really sure how that happened, I love the funk ( wasn’t there at least some stinking the place anyway . . ? )

  82. richie paradise says:

    We’ll blame it on the medicine Mr H, doc’s should have prescribed a heavy dose of dope beats in my opinion……
    ps love the photo of me by the way! (I am so vain…..)

  83. Re: The John E Vistic Experience and ‘Rule 101’

    (1) John E Vistic is not English
    (2) Next time you listen to Van Morrison tell him to sing in an Irish Accent.
    (3) Next time you listen Nick Cave tell him to sing in an Australian Accent.
    (4) Next time you listen to The Coral tell them to sing in a Liverpool Accent.
    (5) Next time you listen to The Alabama Three tell them to sing in a Scottish Accent.
    (6) Next time you listen to Coldplay just TURN IT FUCKING OFF.

    Not pissed off at all by small town colloquial accent facsists in pursuit of so called ‘authenticity’ particularly those who make and sell covers albums of a computer voice singing Top 40 hits.

    Or maybe I just don’t understand why fellow Bristol-based musicians have to slag each other off.


    Marcus Black Heart

  84. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Thanks Richie, and sorry every-reader for lack of posts, there’s a *lot* of work going on at home
    ( I may well be Orchestraly AWOL until after the Blackout . . . )

  85. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Hi Marcus,

    very sorry to hear you took offence to my blogging of The John E. Vistic Experience at The Venn Festival.

    as I said :

    “Nice people, but I thought English people singing in American accents was out of bounds rule 101 . . . I might be missing something but I don’t really get them.”

    Thank you for pointing out that, as I suspected . . .

    “I might be missing something”

    . . . and that something was . . .

    “John E Vistic is not English”

    I did not know that and am genuinely happy to have it pointed out.

    However, I would like to make a few points . . .

    I feel I must point out that the purpose of moderating the Blog for the Cube is to document and celebrate The Cube and it’s associated scene ( such as the Venn festival ) – it is not aimed to cause offence.

    I personally am very sorry it was read as a case of . . .

    “Bristol-based musicians have to slag each other off.”

    This was definitely not the intention.

    As I see it, I made one mistaken assumption, which you have now corrected, and simply stated that it wasn’t my thing – not that I thought The John E. Vistic Experience was of poor quality or as it happened not to my taste that this was in any way a general consensus, or intended to be presented as such.

    I feel being labelled . . .

    “small town colloquial accent facsists”

    . . . is unfair and insulting, and the idea that I would feel it appropriate to “tell” another artist what to do in their own practice, a misunderstanding.

    I also feel it is inappropriate and embarrassing to myself to attach the comment to a different post and catergory ( both created by someone else, that I find embarrassing enough as it is ! ). I feel that this could well appear to be self-aggrandising at first glance to the casual viewer.

    With your permission I would like to move the post to the Venn post [ ] to which it relates.

    I heard many very good reports relating to The John E. Vistic Experience, though I would be lying if I didn’t say, some people were very into it, some happened to prefer other things – I took this not to be an adverse indication of the band’s quality, but of a variety of tastes from a festival audience.

    In the short time I shared with them I thoroughly enjoyed their ( your ? ) company, and aim to support anyone pursuing artistic endeavours locally, nationally or internationally, it can be hard I know!

    I’m pleasantly surprised when *anything* I do gets a warm reaction, I know my output isn’t to all tastes, as no-one’s can be – in my experience if anything approaches universal approval it ends up being bland and common denominator, which can be the worst thing of all!

    I hope my intentions are clear, and genuine apologies for any offence caused,

    with respect,

    David Hopkinson

  86. ken hom says:

    (2) Next time you listen to Van Morrison tell him to sing in an Irish Accent.

    I actually did this, and Mr Van Morrison informed me that he does sing in an Irish accent – that Irish accents are one of the many roots of what we know as ‘american’ accents and that they do tend to sound similar. Thus informed, I told him to sing in a Puerto Rican accent, which he did… ‘lovv to lovv de lovv dat lovvs to lovv’ and so on. It was very heartwarming.

  87. matthew gray says:

    Is there a line up anywhere on line for this years blackout? i can only find 2004 on the blackout site. Or am I just being a muppet? I want to come down to bristol this weekend for blackout, but i can’t afford the train fare.

    You should come to see portable at cosies the weekend after though

    All the best

    Your friend up in Sheffield,

    Matthew Gray

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  89. Ale says:

    Sounds brilliant – got any mp3s yet? Must sleep.

  90. i was not sleeping i was texting.

  91. slyart says:

    what you should know how to play the sax by now!

  92. Pingback: danbri’s foaf stories » Movieoke

  93. Dan Brickley says:

    Fun night 🙂 Some crap photos and wobbly video is online c/o

  94. Pingback: Cubelog » An August Update

  95. Emma Davies says:

    Um, firstly, with reference to personas I am known primarily as two – ‘mummy’ and ‘bird’. Some women would find the latter offensive but as it’s not part of my vocabulary I find it both amusing and romantic. Generally I am known as Emma – (and know myself as this), though my ex calls me Em, along with his family – although I never gave them permission and havn’t had the heart to say otherwise. It makes me feel a little little and somewhat homely, especially when Auntie is added before it. But try as I might to hide it homely is exactly what I am.

    In the village – if not known by name I’m ‘the artist’. Which I quite like – in an egotistical kind of way.

    Officially speaking I insist on Ms and get annoyed when it is pressumed I’m a Mrs or a Miss.

    It is interesting that I should be I should be reflecting on this as my email address is a reference to a past identity. One which I must in some way still hanker after. I am not happy that I chose it, in fact rather embarrased (it seems now a bit ‘trying to be different’)- I was being pressured by the ‘bird’ caller to come up with something quick as ‘Emma Davies’ is far to ‘common’ – and ‘we’ll be here all bloody day’.

    And secondly, if you are the same David Hopkinson that is part of my past may I take this opportunity to say hello.

    Kind Regards and Best Wishes

  96. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Yes, I am the same David Hopkinson that is part of your past, unless by some strangeness there are 2 Emma Bluehairs! May I take this opportunity to say hello back . . .

    . . . good to hear from you, Emma. And good to know, extrapolating from what they call you in the village, that you’re still making Art : )

  97. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Witness the fighting retort to this post here . . .

  98. Dan Brickley says:

    Nice poster! Thanks for the link… Here’s a blurrycam of last night’s bluescreen:
    (tagged with ‘cubemicroplex’).

    Oh, reminds me… Cubey people… I tried emailing to find who was responsible for but didn’t see a reply yet (but could’ve missed it). I made a clickable map version of that page… Hoping someone who knows someone who was involved reads this, … is an experiment in making it so you can click on the locations in the map to get to the audio. Might be interesting to do same on a real map sometime (openstreetmap, google maps, google earth…).

  99. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    re: double bass – I is just a plain fool.

    I did think maybe it was a guitar, but it didn’t fit in to how I remembered that wonderful notey moment . . .

    In my defence Hugh often does have a bass, and was playing the pedals and amp more as shown in the pic – not that much of a defence I admit, but there was a interestingly different dynamic with lack of outright axe action, Liam and Stuart style – not to say that they aren’t great when they are there of course!

  100. Don’t worry Mr H! You were great! hope you bring the seagull field recording to the gig tonight – they’re probably good bargains for drawing, especially in an urban setting like the Cube… Do not feed the birds – you may attract GULLS!

  101. Martin P says:

    Thanks to you and Colin for keeping up the entertainment during those long pauses and to everybody else for running the evening under such difficult circumstances. Movieoke rules!

  102. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Really great session I thought – thanks for covering it Richie. Downstairs in the office afterwards they said how good they thought it was sounding ( as heard through the ceiling! )

  103. richie paradise says:

    Thats cus we went all Kraut rock on em. Damned long hairs with their peacenik ways. Wasn’t like that in my day I can tell you, Vietnam never did me no wrong me laddy.

    I’d like to see the picture of me with me feet up Hopkinson.

  104. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    What the . . ! ? I don’t recall you having your feet up Hopkinson, how crazy did it get!? I er, oh, right . . .

    A much less disturbing image ( though thoroughly dark & twisted due to low light and long exposure . . . ) is here : for the set.

  105. Johanna says:

    hmm… just to continue the nitpicking… a Berliner IS a _jam_ donut, but they are called “pfannkuchen” in berlin, which in turn means “pancake” in the rest of germany! So it probably didn’t sound funny to the people in Berlin, but to everyone else it does!

  106. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    I didn’t post this ( ? ) how come it says I did? Is that you Lady pretending to be me?

  107. richie paradise says:

    It’s a grassy knoll style conspiracy I tells ya.

  108. richie paradise says:

    Oh and there seems to be a german theme running judging by the last two blogs. Now that IS a conspiracy.

  109. adam says:

    I heard a rumour that 4AD weren’t too pleased with the "Odd Bods" title for the tour. Maybe you could point out to them that it’s a comment on the audience it’s suspected to draw.

    + Just in case you were wondering where The Computer got to after the gig… he crashed at mine. [ta da boom! oh dear]

  110. ladylucy says:

    Hi yes it was me, but only cause that’s what the computer did and I din’t know how to fix it

  111. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    ammended orriginal post to say posted by the 77flip

  112. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    He’s apparently on wonderful Radio 1 again tonight !

    Yes that’s right, listen to the intro and outro ductions here. . . [ download / stream ]

  113. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    what now who what!?

  114. addi+ionaL says:

    My alarm clock seems to have stopped ticking. can anybody help me wind it up?

  115. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    I use this

  116. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    sounds great – sorry I missed it 🙁

  117. Mary Hagan says:

    If you want to know more about the pre-cube history, I was the youngist daughter of the
    family that ran the cinema, and grow up learning how to carry out change overs on carbon
    arc projectors, selling tickets. hiding up the auditorium and climbing the dodgy ladder to
    the projection room. and you mustn’t forget the cellar bar era.

    Aahh,, happy days!!

  118. richie paradise says:

    yeah it does sound great dunnit!

  119. stuart says:

    like it. especially that beauty you picked up on a new york street.

  120. richie paradise says:

    do you mean the burlseque lady stu? or am i mistaken?

  121. matt says:

    oscilliscope visuals are the best type of visuals

  122. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Very very nice photo, Adam 🙂

  123. GB says:

    e mail me and i should be able to get you one over there within a week

  124. chris B says:

    there is a name and phone number of an arts centre projectionist on the side of the video rack (matrix DVD etc) in the projection room. he was a projectionist at the time when the arts centre folded, and had lots of stories about what happened and why.
    definately worth finding out his stories from a historical point of view.

    easy, chris

  125. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    That corner where “Cube Demon” Rod is emerging, is where the “real” Cube Ghost has been spotted. Spooky.

  126. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Really nice 😀

  127. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Sorry about Max – he can be damn rude sometimes!

    My pictorial record of the day can be had here . . .

  128. richie paradise says:

    Not enough comments on this site Mr H. What do we have to do to make this place more interactive?

  129. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Yes . . . not enough comments – more please, everybody . . .

    Oh, btw John Peel was rubbish. [ That should get them going . . . 😀 ]

  130. francisharvey says:

    Well designed. I look forward to seeing these cards in the flesh, and maybe attempting to launder them as Eastern European banknotes.

  131. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Ok I won’t . . . except . . . is it anything to do with this ?

  132. adam says:… kind of except with less ability to see… and the lights were off.

  133. richie paradise says:

    Is the head projectionist a Robot Mr H?

  134. richie paradise says:

    Reminds me, i have picture of Adam’s butt being spanked (amongst other Cube shenanigans)which need to find their way onto here.

  135. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Well he works with robot like efficiency,
    but is very much a real life funky humanoid, see and here for his sparror space and here for a picture of him, in a blog-will-eat-it’s-self style.

  136. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Reminds me of the Shoting Stars clip round that included their ping-pong-balled eyed take on the “but with the blast sheild down I can’t see anything” moment from Star Wars.

    “ooh, now he feels the force!”

  137. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    nice one, Lady.

    hope you don’t mind, I just added in some links there for ya . . .

    Get the application in on time?

  138. adam says:

    looking set to be a good weekend

  139. francisharvey says:

    I notice Channel 4 are muscling in on the Berlin weekend with “Robbie Williams: Live in Berlin” at 9.25pm on Sat.Perhaps this could be piped onto the Cube screens during the intervals.

  140. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:


  141. ladylucy says:

    I don’t mind you adding links great… but the pics been lost… Where has it gone ?

  142. Sarah says:

    Hi, just been browsing your web site and found pictures of our band busking on College Green in August – thought I’d let you know I am the one with the pink hair!! And incidentally the web-link that leads to a band website is not us, we are based in East Bristol not Leicester but a nice surprise to see us playing all the same – Thanks.

  143. addi+ionaL says:

    you’re talking mash? the pictures right there in front of my eyes? oh wait… maybe it’s me. i’ll try not to look away from my screen in case the picture dissappears again.

  144. addi+ionaL says:

    i’m stuck in front of my computer screen. how long do you need to see the picture for?

  145. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Really? It’s still here on my screen – if it hasn’t come back lemme kno . . .

  146. ite admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Sound swonderful 🙂
    Sorry to have been awol again 🙁

    And isn’t Peter meant to be back in Bristol round about now, you haven’t killed him for real have you . . ?

  147. says:



  148. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Thanks Sarah – do you have a ( correct! ) website that we can link to?


  149. addi+ionaL says:

    i’m still stuck. do you still need to see it. can i go to sleep now?

  150. richie paradise says:

    Hey H where can i get a better look at that handsome poster?

  151. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    There’s a bigger, much bigger, mind you, one here . . .


  152. richie paradise says:

    Its so big it made my computer crash twice! Basta

  153. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    reply try right-clicking the link and choose “Save Target As…” if you’re on a pc . . .

  154. richie paradise says:

    s’okay now. Crikey I’m excited ’bout dis. You better deliver Hopkinson, OR ELSE!

    Only Joking. should be a lot of fun.

  155. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    I saw a bit of Bobby in the background, Mozzer must be livid.

  156. Dan Brickley says:

    semi-related… a view of the dataprojector, from last night’s bluescreen:

  157. matt_ says:

    sounds like a good weekend. felt like the cube was pretty buzzing the short time i spent there. another connection: kevin (blechdom) and seth (sutekh, who played at under_score) shared a house for some time in the US.

    its great that the cube and bristol in general lets these events happen, its something very special.

  158. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Thank you, Richie. I will be back blogging soon . . . I have a blog backlog again!

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  161. Pingback: Cubelog » Remember November

  162. ben slater says:

    Happy birthday Cubelog…

    Keep posting!


    – a regular reader in Singapore…

  163. richie paradise says:

    Lumme, i thought it had been going for ages and i was some kind of interloper. i feel better now. phew. Is there a cake to eat?

  164. says:

    Keeping up your beautiful end very well!!

    Keep on logging.


  165. tomment says:

    mystery to me too at the moment, although there will be some video and photo action of voyage 2 at soon!

  166. Pingback: Cubelog » Greatly Missed

  167. john carolan says:

    i have found a way to to play movie scenes with just the actors voice taken out of the scene, and only plays subtitles of the character that you are playing i have put these on a karaoke machine so you just type in a number just like karaoke and it plays the scene instantly check out and you can see the scene from dirty harry. i have done loads of these from when harry met sally to taxi driver no more cueing up dvds

  168. richie paradise says:

    Keep blogging Mr H and ferget about my useless rambling about stuff, how did YOU feel about it(cue chin stroking)?

  169. efsdfsdfsdfsdfsd says:

    woolworths in colwyn bay is ran by sickos, and twats

  170. Pingback: Cubelog » No No, No No No No, No No No No, No No, there’s No Input

  171. Arola Morre says:

    this looks amazing, how come there is no video footage? Or even sounds?

  172. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Unfortunately there is no video footage at all, but if you use soulseek you can get the audio from the Turntable Orchestra with the following details . . .

    user name : ‘mrh’
    location : ‘soulseek/mr_hopkinson presents – The Turntable Orchestra’

  173. richie paradise says:

    must go down as some of my most sorted djing ‘eva. respect due etc old boy.

  174. Barbara says:

    I’m looking for a home version on Movieoke for my 20 year old son who is quite talented at mimicking actors and blurbs. He keeps all his friends and family in smiles with it and thought it would make a great Christmas gift. Any suggestion would be great.

  175. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    I don’t think one exists yet, but we’d be interested if you find one !

  176. Martin P says:

    I’ve got some video footage of the Turntable Orchestra. Only 18 seconds, mind, and it’s a 6MB download, but it gives the flavour of how we in the audience saw it. I enjoyed the whole evening, but this particular act was particularly blissful
    A photo:

  177. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Thank you, Martin that’s great 🙂

  178. Barry says:

    My god! Liam’s enormous! He’ll crush us all!

    Can’t *imagine* why the sudden interest in coffee…

  179. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    What now who what? Am I missing something here? Seems strange to not feel part of The Cube to me – it’s just people who are prepared to get involved, and the many in the orchestra are quiet definitely involved in broader cube biznis . . . and those who aren’t are as welcome as anyone to be if they want to be, no? Anyway, sorry from me for missing the last few practices, and maybe see you at the vols party tonight . . .

    . . . oh and as moderator, thanks for keeping the documenting up, but I’m afraid I’ll need to do something about the size of the images – should really be at the most 30k each and they’re roughly 16 times too big each! [I’ll put a link to the original larger versions]

  180. richie paradise says:

    sorry about that H i did this a bit drunk and downloaded to sporrar the original preedits. i’ll change them to what i meant to do later………..

    and hey we still all love the Cube, i was just pointing out that some people don’t realise that we are a real active part of the Cube and not just some randoms who turn up every week to get a free rehearsal space.

  181. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Ooops, I already resized them – all the originals are there unaltered if you want to change it . . .

    One thing about The Cube is that it’s a collection of individuals without a conventional management. This works incredibly well but means that everyone has their own point of view and no one can claim have an objective overview . . . or even really know what other volunteers actually volunteer – it may sometimes *appear* initially threatening or cliquey, but it’s just a different system that anyone really is welcome to ease into if they want to and there’s much love, as it’s pretty much all done for love really . . . though costs need to be covered too . . .

    This may not be the place to talk about it, but I actually think we may possibly now find ourselves in a bit of a tenuous position because the present setup is significantly different to the original deal ( that is unless Peter comes back to do open workshops again ).

    I don’t think it’s in any way a bad reflection on individual members, and of course as a group we have done the Brazil rescore for The Cube, will be doing The Wild Bunch and future ones too I hope, as well as having done many performances for other people’s events at The Cube, and the busking thing for Jesse which generated a bit of money for The Cube, plus many of us are Cube volunteers giving much . . . but then again not everyone volunteers, and no other group of musicians could expect to get use of the auditorium as a weekly rehearsal space without a hire fee or contribution through volunteering, which is the position we have slowly evolved into . . .

    The rehearsals *do* use various Cube resources including non-orchestra member volunteers’ time, and on a regular basis – I don’t think we should forget that.

    I think it’s fantastic that The Cube has an Orchestra, and that The Cube should value it, but . . . I think we ( as in the people who make up the Orchestra ) should be more grateful to the larger we ( as in of The Cube as a whole ) rather than the other way round. We we. Oui? . . . or Non?

  182. richie paradise says:

    Oui, valid points mien Kapitan, but i would say everyone involved in the Cube gets something out of the Cube, be it free internet or cheaper booze so it’s not like we’re the only Cube users who get something gratis, and after all we’ve not recieved any payment for any gigs except for the busking which went to the Cube anyhow. Those gigs we’ve played have, on occasion, dragged in people who wouldn’t have come to the Cube for that event (possibly). Perhaps there should be a basic 50p if yer not a volunteer charge if people are getting tetchy about The Orch? Sommet for a commitee meeting perhaps?
    When the revolution comes the intellectuals who inhabit the Cube will be exhiled to the salt mines of Siberia, and about time too. Ciao!

  183. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    I don’t actually think anyone is getting tetchy, but then I wasn’t aware that members of the Orch felt apart from the Cube
    so I could be wrong – but either way I think the best way to not feel apart is to just to dive in and be a part of it, no sense in breaking it up into sides to take . . . we’re all in it together

  184. richie paradise says:

    Right on baby. Peace and love to all, perhaps it was a subliminal thingy of God to make us all believe in him seeing as it’s that time of year and all that, ho ho ho!

  185. Barry says:

    Just a thought — maybe this discussion should be shifted to the forum?

    Also — perhaps we should be thinking about how we can make sure the orchestra contributes to Cube life generally? Providing music for the office/bar, doing more busking with Cube flyers, that kinda thing?

  186. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    yep good -idea, and do you think I should delete our dirty washing from here?

  187. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Top first first post, and welcome ( back ) aboard, Ben !

  188. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Thanks for that Richie – The Computer did ok, but I’m not sure he really won over the badgers.

  189. richie paradise says:


  190. richie paradise says:

    Nah, we wear our dirty washig on the outside to establish dialogue and possibly an excuse to lock the odd one of us up……………….

  191. ben says:

    Thanks David… it’s good to be back!

  192. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    cock·tail badg·er (kŏk’tāl’ băj’É™r) slang.

    Usually abbreviated to ‘badger’.

    n., a schmoozer, particularly concerned with shallow understanding of their own and other’s perceived status, disregarding notions of intrinsic human worth.

    v., schmoozed or schmoosed also shmoozed, schmooz·ing or schmoos·ing shmooz·ing, schmooz·es or schmoos·es shmooz·es.

    To converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection.
    To engage in schmoozing with.

    The act or an instance of schmoozing.

    Badger n.
    Badger’y adj.

  193. Marcus says:

    Actually it was Hogge on the mixing desk, not Hog.

  194. richie paradise says:

    i’ll correct it asap

  195. richie paradise says:

    Welcome back Hoppo, the blog was missing you.

  196. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    cheers chuck

  197. richie paradise says:

    Hey Heath the freecycle web site often has cars available, you just have to join and ask

    Be A ootiful

  198. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Never designed a Cube programme myself – just done a few posters. Morgan, Mr Tim & Jonno make the most conventionally designery designed ones imho . . .

  199. Pingback: Cubelog » This time, I’m not so green

  200. richie paradise says:


  201. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    “rudimentary Cube program (i.e. pre-Hopkinson who seems to be the designer of this arts ‘utopia) “

    . . . was what I was riffling on, but re-reading I think you were jesting I might have designed the whole shebang, which is further from the fact than what I thought you thought, I think . . . the closest person I suppose would be original originator Hogge, who is the only remaining member from when the group who set up The Cube in 1998.

  202. richie paradise says:

    So potentially YOU could be a piece of rogue programming inself, created by Hogge? Hmmmmm, interesting (cue chin scratching)(good name for a hip hop band that, H watdya reckon?)

  203. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Yep – and Hogge operates under the name VI using black and green visuals – same colour scheme used in those films and soon to be seen pulsing large over Bristol projected onto Tollgate House.

    If you google “vi” a whole load of linux programming stuff comes up . . . maybe we are all in Hogge’s open source matrix after all . . !

  204. Pingback: Cubelog » The Blog must flow

  205. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    More please 🙂

    There’s no censorship here, well sometimes The Janitor sticks his broom in, but don’t worry about him.

    Post up anything and everything with the slightest Cube connection, only thing I’d say is, if you include pictures please optimise them ( try and keep them under 30k is my rule of thumb ) other than that, you write it we’ll read it . . .

  206. Richie Paradise says:

    REf: The Team Brick impersonations, did that include his unusual ‘odour’ too?

  207. richie paradise says:

    And a great blog Mr H too, you’ll have to teach me the secret of putting piccies together instead of my shamateur efforts.

  208. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Photoshop, innit 🙂

  209. says:

    I must say – this is a terrifik bit of animated writing and joined up photos.

  210. richie paradise says:

    WEll yes i may be ‘brillliant’ but it took me along time too work out 13/4. 5/4 easy and me playing 4/4 whilst youse lot played 7/4 was easy. I’ll wax lyrical on ones feeling in next couple of days. You were mangificent of H one.

  211. Pingback: Cubelog » Back And Proud

  212. zoe says:

    as well as both bands’ performances, i thought the books visuals were absolutely stunning. let me know what happens with the project!

    zoe x

  213. slater says:

    THE JANITOR!!! I’d so forgotten that. David, I love your long memory. I was there that night, and it must have been the first ever IBT (2001)?

  214. richie paradise says:

    Yeah I’ll be there baby.

  215. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Love it, can I have one please !

  216. irokisan says:

    I like so much this blog,especially the photo.
    I like it…..byebyebye

  217. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    That’s a really great photo, who took it LL?

  218. says:

    Good to see so many QuWackers in one place…….very fun and funny. Team Brick blew my head clean off. I will go out more now.


  219. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    That was Hog not Hogge, though, heroically cueing up the DVDs using a DV camera’s screen barely bigger than a inch.

  220. richie paradise says:

    Consider it changed. Honestly though when the cube heirachy were handing out nicknames they could have been a bit more clever. I THOUGHT they were supposed to be artistic. Layabouts more like. And it turns out volunteers don’t get paid (with gracious thanks to Homer Simpson)

  221. Adam says:

    I’m not sure if I’m more astounded that Ben has a book out that we didn’t know anything about, or that he has a blog, or that he has a flickr account!

    Ben, if you’re reading this.. hoping to get to see you on your time over here.

  222. slater says:

    Thanks David.

    For those cubesters thinking “who the f%$k is this guy?” – I used to have my passport photo on the cube toilet wall sporting a gormess expression as you relieved yourselves. The picture survived one major attempt to deface it back in the early noughties, and suffered total erasure during the great ‘clean-up’ of October 05.

    I realise that according to my insane UK schedule that I will be back in Bristol on the 31st – and I’d love to check out Movieoke. It sounds frankly awesome.


  223. richie paradise says:

    Loved the picture of the heels

    Shows The Cube is getting a little bit classier, or my Fetish is ‘rubbing off’ (excuse the pun) on everybody………….I’ll get me coat…………..

  224. richie paradise says:

    weird, it said no comments but it turns out my filth laden thread is here. So the Cube Thought Police haven’t removed it, stranger and stranger.

  225. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Hmm, yes. WordPress has been a bit erractic recently – but I’m not here to censor ( well, sometimes form, but not content ).

  226. Thank the good lord for this asymmetric connection.
    Praise be to the evil dead for the cubelog.
    Peace be to the keeper of lost things.

    Cubelog – you give me so much: feeding and watering the needs of my tenuous connection to your beautiful Bristol scene.

    Which is nice.

    Never did move over to your neck of the woods – if I had I’d probably be pimping my hamster for peanuts and begging at the alter of Bottom for entry into your hallowed chambers. Or something. Amateur or Professional.

  227. richie paradise says:

    Not sure I can top that, but anyhow i had to stop myself going to The Cube tonight seeing as I’m there weds, thursday, friday.

    Can we start a self help group?

  228. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Thanks Ben that’s great – I’ll get on to compiling some of the pics to illustrate your words . . .

  229. richie paradise says:

    A great blog and yes I shall be blogging the Random night real soon before i disappear for 2 weeks.
    But for now, of that night, WE MUST SWEAR TO NEVER SPEAK OF IT AGAIN.

  230. Sarah says:

    Hi, sorry, only just came on your site again, at the moment the band have no website, we are trying to change that, but are having problems at the moment, will let you know if we ever succeed.

    sarah, hair still pink

  231. slater says:

    Myself and entourage who attended the aforementioned Movieoke could certainly see the great potential of the format to be really good fun. So – please don’t be too disheartened!!!!

    My main issue wasn’t with lack of audience… because I think ultimately like karaoke, the event has to be able to work with any number of people, but to do with figuring out which film scene to do – as I may have mumbled to a few people in the bar, the menus probably need to go further into a list of key scenes from each film that lend themselves well to the Oke process (that’s not to say folks can’t deviate from that)… also, there is the problem of speed in lining the clips up off those pesky rights-managed discs… all in all there’s a shitload of work involved in getting it right.

    Max is great though!

  232. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Thanks for that Ben.

    I agree completely with what you say about what ideally needs to be done, and I think it will get there one day, we’ve talked about it a great deal – with the best solution we’ve come up with ( in concept ) is ripping all the relevant scenes, which would be listed on the menu, to a hard-drive for instant access . . . It’s ( just )that shitload of work that’s the trouble . . .

    It’s been fairly demanding just to get to where we are, but I have faith we will get further!

    However, even with the sloppier setup, we have had some really great ones with larger crowds and Colin to entertain between changes – so sorry you’ve only seen this duffer!

  233. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Please to meet you Gracie, I like your hardcore perspective style – looking forward to reading more of your exciting inciting insightfulness soon!

  234. JB says:

    RE: the lack of ‘female skateboarders’ in the video IF THEY ACTUALLY SKATED PROPERLY THEN MAYBE THE VIDEO WOULD HAVE LESS OF A GENDER BIAS? What do you expect the director to do, fill half the video with some footage of women doing something else just to make it equal? Porn? IT WAS A JOKE!
    Get off your PC high horse for fucks sake.

  235. JB says:

    You may also wish to check your grammar.

  236. Gracie says:

    Re: “If they actually Skated properly?” Do you consider the DLH to be skating proper ?
    What is your definition of proper skateboarding? Y

    Re: Lack of Female skateboarders. It doesn’t matter that there aren’t any female
    skaters in the film. More the perspective of how you are representing
    women in the film. What I said about women in the film is true.
    Does the DLH have a female recruitment policy ?

    Also later on I do mention that I shouldn’t probably be taking this seriously. But
    Also I stand by what I said.

    I am not on a PC or whatever you choose to call my horse high. Just meerly expressing an
    oppinion on this blog.

    Get off your grammer high horse

    I don’t hate you, in some ways I love you.

  237. mossglen says:

    dick lovit

  238. tinkerbell says:

    Hello Gracie in respect to the representaion of women being pornographic, it’s because skateboardings a male dominated sport and we men enjoy these images, despite main straem media trying to make the sport as presentable as possible in order to make more money, this video isn’t a stale corpatate peace of shit and the film reprosents the directors and viewers interests. Fuck conforming, fuck being pc. Keep it real.

  239. Big H says:

    Do you really believe that your opinion matters?
    You dont know any of the DLH so you have no right to judge them based on a ‘have a laugh take
    the piss film’ Why take it so seriously? As a woman, I am embarrassed by your feminist bullshit.
    Big H

  240. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    As a moderator, the amount of spam comments I’ve had to delete has quadrupled – those blog searching spambots must love the non-leet spellings of Hardk0r & pr0n . . . anyway . . .

    Big H, as another H, I’m slightly bemused by your apparent fury . . .

    I believe the original post was actually by a female skater and filmmaker who does know the DLH, so would be, in my opinion, well qualified to comment . . . but even if you didn’t know that, or I am wrong, I would say anyone has the right to express their opinion, and all comments are valued, and welcomed [ apart from from spambots ] . . .

    . . . it’s my opinion that it seems just weird to make out that someone having an opinion couldn’t matter ( ! ? )


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  242. richie paradise says:

    Where’s these photos then? Liar! Really wish i’d made this ut I had a good escuse (blog to come!).

  243. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Brilliant Kyra, exactly the sort of thing I was hoping for, thank you – I’m just escorting the computer to a gig in London, but I’ll explain/do the uploading of photos on our return . . .

  244. Gracie says:

    Hi DLH, and everyone.
    I didn’t really want this to end up in a war of words,

    I just thought it would be an interesting thing to
    do to critic “Fuck off” from a feminist perspective.

    Afterall I do question in the piece if I am to be taking this seriously.

    But I didn’t really mean to diss you so much

    Thanks for all the fun days and the up keep of the park.

    See you on board

  245. Dick Lovett says:

    Doin it in a an old sock, behind planet rock.


    FUCK OFF!!!!!

  247. Quatermass says:

    Gracie, are you some kind of Mong? (abrv. Mongolian, a person born or having citizenship of Mongolia) because you must have been residing in outer mongolia the past 30 yrs, not to realise that the whole fxxxxng point of skateboarding is that it is anti-establishment. The porn section, as the GG Allin section is supposed to wake people like you up out of your comfortable feminist slumber.
    Skateboarding is not feminist, it is Skateboarding.
    This film represents skateboarding not women or our views on women.
    Many of the DLH are in relationships, some are married, some have kids…you’re judging something you obviously know nothing about.
    If you are a female skateboarder the one (and perhaps only) place you would be able to skate without prejudice or judgement would be at Dean Lane with the full encouragement of the DLH….. BUT NOT IF YOU BRING YOUR NEGATIVE, SHITTY ATTITUDE WITH YOU……heres a fiver….do something usefull….. and go up the shops and get me some Cider…while I kill Planet Rock!


  248. Quatermass says:

    Gracie, are you some kind of Mong? (abrv. Mongolian, a person born or having citizenship of Mongolia) because you must have been residing in outer mongolia the past 30 yrs, not to realise that the whole fxxxxng point of skateboarding is that it is anti-establishment. The porn section, as the GG Allin section is supposed to wake people like you up out of your comfortable feminist slumber.
    Skateboarding is not feminist, it is Skateboarding.
    This film represents skateboarding not women or our views on women.
    Many of the DLH are in relationships, some are married, some have kids…you’re judging something you obviously know nothing about.
    If you are a female skateboarder the one (and perhaps only) place you would be able to skate without prejudice or judgement would be at Dean Lane with the full encouragement of the DLH….. BUT NOT IF YOU BRING YOUR NEGATIVE, SHITTY ATTITUDE WITH YOU……heres a fiver….do something usefull….. and go up the shops and get me some Cider…while I kill Planet Rock!


  249. says:

    looks wonderful. dancing to film is better than writing about it.


  250. says:

    do we need more photos of the cube orchestra?


  251. richie paradise says:

    I spy the clever reorganisation work of Mr Hopkinson! Yes kids it was messy before hand but it looks like the god like hands of Mr H has made it look EVEN BETTER. This Bud(var) is for you Mr H. Cheers love.

  252. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    no trouble – don’t mention it!

  253. Jem says:

    I just had cause to remember this as Lady has been talking to Amy about Jem Cohen. This was such an amazing performance… dual 16mm projection work with manual fades using muslin, stark and beautiful film, and the most incredible, slowly building progression of minimalist piano cycles by Terry Riley. It was a story of hidden America. An America of sensitivity and dissent beneath the radar of the media machine. It reminded me of the Club Rombus days… Any suggestions for the Rotterdam reunion?

  254. Pingback: Cubelog » Turning Japaneso?

  255. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    How many Cubes are there there?

    I’m jealous.

  256. richie paradise says:

    Two. One massive one in Kyoto which includes shops and restaurants and one in Tokyo which does our kinda thing (when I say our I don’t necessarily mean my kind of filth laden preferences but Arty stuff, actually not much diffference when you think about it……).

  257. says:

    Porn, skateboarding, dicks, no girls, no boys, gangs, dutch, beer. A lot of fun. Ren and Stimpy, Bevis and Buttermyhead, derks, american-isms, perks, jerks, retro horseshit, over educated middle of the road kerb drawers, get a take away.

    tatoo it into into your forehead…this aint california or new york. backwards and then call it a rebel yell.

    Wish i had the bottle.

  258. Wow – what fun!

    Sounds like a great kickstart to the thing.

  259. richie paradise says:

    Bye Jove! Good work young Liam but links/photos? come on! Must be loads of great satanic stuff you could have exposed the Cube Bloganistas too. 6/10

  260. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Smart and swift work Liam!

    But, Oh, I say don’t listen to Richie ( unless you want to ) – images and links are purely optional . . .

  261. richie paradise says:

    NOOOOO! We need satanic pictures!


  262. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Just saying everyone can approach the blog in their own style, dosen’t need to be photos and linked text . . . & hoping not to scare off the new logins . . !

  263. richie paradise says:

    Wouldn’t they already be scared off by Liam’s crazy night?

  264. richie paradise says:

    The poet’s name is Peter Hunter, he’s quite well known round these parts. They’re trouble mind them poets, and not necessarily the right kinda trouble either….. (any relationships with poets that have gone pear shaped in Mr Paradise’s life are purely coincidental).

  265. richie paradise says:

    It’s doing that weird no message thing again ma

  266. says:

    More mushly, mostly, misty going ons…..
    Will the next film be listed in the programme or is it purely a matter of turn up, tune in and frig off?

  267. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Thanks Steve – I’ll try and bring my camera on the 31st . . .

  268. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Thanks – amended !

  269. Adam says:

    Looks like the photo I tried to post didn’t work?

    URL is…

  270. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    FYI, Rich Z, along with Kari N, were FOH.

  271. richie paradise says:

    i shall endeavour to draw some pics cus i fergot my camera. boy did we waffle on (could be an endorsement there you know).

  272. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Hmm, not sure I’d say there was waffling – rather not enough talking really . . . personally I pretty much avoided saying anything, and on the whole those who did speak seemed keen to hurriedly hand over to someone else. Plain fact is without a working core of dedicated, and more importantly present, daytime staff The Cube could collapse, whether we want to talk about it or not.

  273. richie paradise says:

    Kinda like the labour party? crikey. Max Blackout in charge of EVERYTHING, might not work but we’re go down in flames.

    My shout on the waffling is: good to talk but too often things were said 3 or 4 times, sometimes by the same person! Talk is cheap someone said once (premobile phone clearly) time for action……….. CUBEANISTAS WHERE ARE YOU? (cue dramatic music……)

    But what a nice bunch a people though ey?

  274. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Didn’t notice the repetitions – well except for the catch phrase “I’ve been doing it for X years now, and I really need to hand over, see me afterwards if you’re interested.” !

    Like Nick Cave once sang It’s nice to be important, but more important to be nice . . .

    Actually , scratch that, right now I think it’s more important to be important – here’s hoping some nice people can step up . . !

  275. richie paradise says:

    Well said Mr Hopkinson. And can I add that you can also leave comments about things you may also have seen, heard, agree/disagree etc etc. Which is nice.

  276. Adam says:

    Thanks for the offer Richie but I never leave comments.



    [Richie can you provide the comedic drum roll for that one?]

  277. richie paradise says:


  278. richie paradise says:

    I hopes you guys got paid top dollar.

  279. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    um . . . got the money back for the tapes I bought, that’s about it!

  280. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Sorry to have missed this – especially as I got to know Unai and Kiera ( waggishly compared to Cheri Blair there ) when videoing them for ‘Cutting Up My Friends’. Unai was one of the ones I didn’t get to feature as much as I’d hoped in the first edit, but Kiera, on her typewriter, was pretty crucial.

    I saw the show later in the week – some really good stuff there, and a great idea for a show – it’s basically people who met studying Art in Bristol getting together now they have graduated to put on an internationally touring show based on their home countries and organised via various forms of mail.

    Unai explained it had been previously in Bilbao, and also Holland and is due to be shown again in the UK in another town if they can secure funding.

    By the way, the Linda Barker thing is a bit more interesting than it might at first seem – it is someone impersonating a Linda Barker impersonator, rather than simply being a Linda Barker impersonator themselves. The artist became obsessed with the original look-a-like’s strange choice of celebrity, and even odder their complete failure to look like Linda.

    Jem, if your reading this, I bet you’re humming Hue & Cry’s ‘Looking for Linda’ as you ponder that.

  281. richie paradise says:

    ‘Linda Barker’ was Crazee baby. Nice add on Mr. Hopkinson, the kind of thing I like about the blog, someone adding their slant to the bits and pieces up here.

  282. richie paradise says:

    This rocked. Blog COMING SOON.

  283. Leo says:

    Just a quick correction: firstbus were not to blame for my absence, I was just hungover.

  284. unai says:

    Hey there!
    I didnt know about this blog, thanks for the comment is really nice.
    And thanks again for everithing, we spent a great time there, I came back to bilbao. If you are coming please email me and I hope that we can meet!!

  285. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    I’m confused and I am mr hopkinson. I think.

  286. Ben says:

    But if you look at the Bristol entry on this page;
    the Watershed seems to have clinched it…


  287. RoJo says:

    Wow. I wasn’t there but after reading that – whoosh, I feel like I was: slightly flushed, and incredibly English, don’t you know. Yes, yes, lovely weather we’ve been having recently, quite. Wow. Possibilities Indeed…

  288. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    >he made a voice that fats waller might have made if he was trapped in a didgeridoo with a bull elephan avoiding Team Brick.

    he sure did. he made my well up to as he was so so good.

  289. Martin P says:

    God, I’m glad to have that explained. Those anomalous markings would have floated indefinitely in my mind with question marks attached. I had faith that someone, somewhere would have an explanation. The chalkings really added something to the weekend, so thanks.

  290. says:

    Delicious. Glad you where there.

  291. Zuleika says:


  292. ladylucy says:

    i agreee, totally. So nice to see and read your text Hannah

    LL xx

  293. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Thirded. x x x

    ps : If you want to know what he looks like there’s a pic in my coverage of the QuWack festival.

  294. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Spinderella cut it up one time.

    Hannah, you bring joy to a word nerd – plus you’re a perfect palindrome, what more could one want?

  295. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Sounds like fun – and good, not to mention a huge relief, to know that successful Movieoke nights can be had without that big mouth Max Blackout being involved too – phew !

  296. Barry says:

    …and in their eyes I would be ragged and strange and like the Prophet who has walked across the land to bring the dark Word, and the only Word I had was “Wow!”

  297. richie paradise says:

    Twas a shame Tom had to cue stuff up to or it would have been fairly seemless, still Liam, Hog and newbie Riki were all unavailable. Yet we missed Max, though we did try to get Maxine Blackout but even she was unavailable. Hope you enjoyed the videos.

  298. tireless multitaskingsite admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Bit dark ( lightwise ) but I get the fun atmos flavour I think 🙂

    And of course, yes, insane respect to Tom for his tireless multi-tasking!

  299. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    some interesting photos off the flickr link there ll

  300. richie paradise says:

    You’re a bad man Mr H. but we all love you. I like that idea by Rog/Mark at the end, i can see the Orchestra appropriating that idea.

  301. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    I’m considering a move to Memphis.

    ( was always my favourite )

  302. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    word lady z ( & polly p ) great pic nic pics too !

  303. me says:

    why is there always three screens in all of these projects???

  304. richie paradise says:

    I say!

  305. unai says:

    Nice time a good chance to meet old friends!!
    I’ve just put some photos of the show in Bristol in the website:

    long live orchestrators!!

  306. bill says:

    still (life):

    and the encore: (if this works…)

    (if not, i’m sure you can all work it out from the html, or just search youtube).

  307. bill says:

    it didn’t work, and no html!

    try this:

  308. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:


  309. says:

    what is this got to do with the f****ing cube log at all!!!!!

    legs with chicks

    men without legs

    chicks with decks

    men with chicks

    what came first the power or the money

    the power

    get addicted
    adrian line

  310. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:


  311. MartinP says:

    Thanks for your contribution to an amazing evening. My (rather blurry) photos here:

  312. richie paradise says:


    Very ending I like, otherwise = how to waste 4 mins 45 seconds of your life) an accusation I hear thrown my way alot!

  313. ladylucy says:

    Just because I heard your mate slagging of The Chicks sometime ago
    saying what annoying young women they were when you friend perchanced to
    be on the same aeroplane as them.
    It doesn’t mean you have to diss my contribution to the cube log.
    I help set this blog up and I think the subject has clearlyeverything t
    do with cube log. It is about how music promotors have miss treated The Chicks.
    Clearly the message to learn is :


    Think out of the box Adrian !

  314. says:


    I have never met you but this has nothing to do with the Cube in any direct way. Intresting as it is….. I am fully behind the Chicks and there quest to futher free speech but really…it is a tenious link to the cube and ….a bit like telling the logsters that BVI makes bombs as well as films. It should be published on some other forum/clog….otherwise this great log becomes constipated with rant bogs and idle chit chat….i know a thing or two about that.

    If this was a forum to leave tips i would be publishing my top 101 tips on making it on Brazilian Radio and gushing about Saxondale, he is an old mate.

    Just becuase u set it up does not mean i cant take it down.

    Lets meet for drinks….do u ever come to Paris?


  315. ladylucy says:


    Have you actually ever visited The Cube ?
    I thought it was kind of greater general interest to
    people, as a kind of news item.
    I will agree to edit the post down a little if I have
    Yes, Lets meet in Paris.
    We could have

    Walks along the Seine, laughing in the rain…

  316. ladylucy says:

    Also I thougt it was iteresting as there was an incident with another Berlin associated band at a recent festival in Venn that Cubelog has been banging on about. ( It is an associate)
    I thougt it was a funy comparison to how bands should be not treated ( COS) to how Bands should
    not treat ( COBRA KILLER)
    Prehaps I should ve provided an exlanation for the cause…

    I notice there are some good deals on Eurostar at this time of year…

  317. says:

    I will be wearing leather shorts, black velvet vest with a jacket given to me by Jackson Browne and i have a tatoo on my neck that was a accident (i was on tour with Blondie and i asked for a love bite and she gave me a vampire belt.

    Love live radio


  318. richie paradise says:

    Good work Earth Father Barry. Any pictures and did you bring any moon goddesses for me?

  319. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Who? It’s I’m being Good, of course!

    link :

  320. Barry says:

    No pics from me, I’m afraid, though Hugh was diligently snapping.
    Couldn’t bring them home for you, either, but the Smoke Fairies (they have a myspace) are junior goddesses.

  321. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Why not eh, – uneditted first 10 entries . . .

    venn is the summer moon?
    venn is the summer moon? worksheet
    venn is 30 male seeking female in county cork
    venn is the summer moon
    venn is the summer moon? directions
    venn is the summer moon? worksheet name
    venn is the summer moon objectives students
    venn is viewable here
    venn is worthy of her now
    venn is a master of arcane and addictive cooking


    blackout is lifted
    blackout is blackmail
    blackout is no joke
    blackout is looming
    blackout is in sight
    blackout is gay
    blackout is blackmail posted
    blackout is something that all personnel of all ages and walks
    blackout is looming large by neil wilson british television viewers are facing the growing possibility that they will not see a
    blackout is not angela diprima

  322. richie paradise says:

    Barry, Do some work, some of us are tax payers you know………..

  323. barry says:

    Don’t we both get our money from the state, bud?

  324. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Long live the magical Cube / Kino / Here triad !

  325. Barry says:

    Reminds me of this poem by Charles Reznikoff:

    Sparrows scream at the dawn one note:
    how should they learn melody
    in the street’s noises?

  326. says:

    This is getting a bit vague again… the log gonna be a site for non-cube adverts?


  327. ladylucy says:

    it’s not a non cube advert. This is what the log is meant for
    Who are you, the blog police in any case ?

  328. says:

    Oh ‘police’ u have a problem with authority, u want some or define yourself by resistance. Viva.

    Sorry i thought this log was to log cube activities not a general boring old blog full of “u have to do this” u “got to see this”, “look what i saw up my own art arse last night”. If it become a blog we will see a decline in readship, circulation, inspiration and contribution and btw did u see that guy wearing a hoodie last night, he looked like River Pheanix, but i thought he was dead.


  329. richie paradise says:

    Where there games? If so who won?

  330. ladylucy says:

    look you just dont get it do you. It is a cube activity it relates to what is happening aat the cube and just cause it don’t happen to be your cup of tea doesn’t mean like it
    isn’t other peoples.
    Steve put the event on inconjunction with the cube.
    Stop being so infuriating and self righteous.

  331. ladylucy says:

    also I think your comments could put people off because
    their activities are met with a a sarcastic blog on
    the cube log. why don’t you just log off and do something
    more constructive instead. Why don’t you start one
    yourself ?

  332. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    I really like that blurry one – looks like a found super8 still of some 60’s/70’s pic-nic

  333. zuleika says:

    Oh bugger, such a missed pun opportunity: V in the Park…

    That IS a photo my parents took in 1972, uncanny isn’t it?

  334. tom says:

    i’ll try and catch your cutting up my friends .. at least (and at last!)

  335. richie paradise says:

    Come on people, comment away!

  336. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Thanks Tom . . .

    . . . and for anyone interested in a blackout marquee mrhmarathon ( formerly known as s&hickers ), here are the times . . .

    Saturday : 5.50 The Video Conductor, 6.05 Cutting Up My friends

    Sunday : 9.15 mr_hopkinon’s computerâ„¢

  337. Claire-Lise says:

    Congratulations – I had some excellent Ashton Court moments in the Blackout Marquee (notably the Heads and Cuisine). Loved the way the screens were arranged 🙂

    I also saw Bluescreen for the first time and was impressed so will try to get my lardy ass to the Cube sessions in future.

  338. Claire-Lise says:

    Analis is possibly my new favourite misconception of my name. Woe be a sneaky sod who immortalised my bra mismatch and bingo wings.

  339. richie paradise says:

    I will blog the Cube ORchestra extravangaza soooooon. I promise.

    ps Claire-Lise thanks for you help at Movieoke, i rudely forgot to thank yew.

  340. Claire-Lise says:

    Richie, no worries, you didn’t exaclty get a chance as I ran off like a thief in the night as soon as Movieoke was over. I’ll try to stay and attempt some sort of social interaction next time. Honest :S

  341. Polly says:

    Hey hoppo – have you seen this? BBC reviewer saiys the computer was the best thing he saw all weekend… I feel so priviledges to have kissed him! P xx

  342. richie paradise says:

    OOOPs, sorry!

  343. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    The light’s beautiful in that card playing pic, I’m very tempted by the rum do, but I know I’ll be too busy 🙁
    Pics of Blackout, including plenty of Blusherette action, will be on sparror as soon as I sort out hard disc space problems . . .

  344. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Yep seen it already, but thanks Polly, pics and possible a post, to follow . . .

  345. zuleika says:

    Hope it’s good busy!
    Could we add a Blushereetes category? Not that I’m pushing them or owt…

  346. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Sure thing, Z, ’tis done

  347. zuleika says:

    Thankyou, they look lovely! Can I stick some on myspace?
    Hope those stickers didn’t leave any nasty marks on my satin-backed-crepe, girls!?

    Is your computer blushing?

    Looks fun. Of course, no Sunday night will ever compare to last year (isn’t that right?).

    Making the Blusherettes some maribou feather powder puffs…we’ll be making everyone blush!

  348. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    T’is true, Sunday 2005 was a legendary nightmorning

  349. richie paradise says:

    I’ll get mine up there soon our kid.

    Is that Your Computer’s first groupie? (i always knew Polly was a strange one…)

    Thanks to all the Blackout gang, it was HUGE fun and great to be a part of.

  350. Martin P says:

    It was a great festival, and as always the Blackout Tent provided the best entertainment. Congratulations to everyone. Some photos of the Orchestra Cube, Heads and Hunting Lodge performances:

  351. richie paradise says:

    perhaps yes. depends what day. Will Toyah’s ‘It’s a Mystery’ be played on an endless loop?

  352. LL says:

    i’ ll help 🙂

  353. zuleika says:

    Toyah has seen me naked…

    seeing as this is a mystery post, i won’t explain!

  354. Polly says:

    Is that Your Computer’s first groupie? (i always knew Polly was a strange one…)

    Would YOU say no to the Computer?

  355. richie paradise says:

    Betty Page night soon? I spin some discs and you ladys do your thang.

    crazy baby, I’m digging your crazee scene.

  356. richie paradise says:

    No comments? does nobody have an opinion anymore? Feckers

  357. zuleika says:

    Good plan, I have a cabaret/burlesque mix I’ve made, can I play it? When is the night?

  358. richie paradise says:

    No. Not intersting Marcus you uber geek!

    Don’t know worry nonsense fans my blog with video footage and pictures of said drinking will be up soon.

  359. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Yes. Yest Interesting. More microplex minutia please! Different perspectives is what we ( I ) want, and posting no pics is no sin.

  360. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    hmm, maybe I should show that 4 buffy finales cut up thing . . .

  361. Martin P says:

    Heerrrre comes the science! Nice to have a behind the scenes perspective – agree with mr_hopkinson on this.
    It was a fantastic night out- even being not much of a Bowie fan. I have some video from the event which I’ll post soon.

  362. zuleika says:

    I though that was a refreshingly different post…course I have had a lot of absinthe….I love you the Cube…

  363. zuleika says:

    Of course!
    [Adopting deep and dramatic trailer voice} “The Cube Microplex, the only constantfourbuffyfinakescutupthing screening cinema in the South West of Anywhere”

    Think it’s suitably tragic! And I’d love to see it again…

  364. zuleika says:

    Thanks for the fun…

  365. richie paradise says:

    i was being sarcastic…… was uber geeky mind.

  366. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Ah, so that’s what they look like !

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  369. MartinP says:

    Great evening, and nice pics! What joke did you tell to get them all grinning like that?
    It would be wrong to pick a favourite, but I will anyway: Chipper was the most musically interesting performance: an exciting range of sounds from an instrument I’m not usually interested in.
    I’d like to see more evenings like this where we see a succession of different acts, maybe theme by working method rather than by gender. E.g. I’d love an evening of extreme rearrangements of classical music a la Lea’s performance, or an electronic-processing-of-acoustic-elements theme a la Chipper and Rasha. I’d like to see a /loops/ theme: get a variety of people who use loopstations or software equivalents, but who loop different sound sources; get SJ Esau, Tom Bugs, Rose Kemp (unplugged) or someone to headline it (having a known ‘headline’ act seems to be important), and have it on Robert Fripp’s birthday, whenever that is.

  370. says:

    Glad u clogged it. Thanks….i missed it.

    Sounds wonderful. Glad u got some hearty critisim in there too….

    Sounded like the tension from music, art, sex (m or f), curtains, time, chaos, voyearism worked well.

    themes like “looping” sound awfully dull when u have “gender”.

    sure to be more. When i get back from Alaska.


  371. zuleika says:

    Who is that Casey-O? She’s got some passion!

  372. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    > What joke did you tell to get them all grinning like that?

    I think I must just have some sort of funny face.

  373. richie paradise says:

    Lack of audience may have ben to a couple of clashes with other good stuff, like Rose Kemp free in town. I enjoyed the after gig shenanigans too, shame i missed the music. Good to see you back blogging Mr H. I have soooo much to catch up with…..

  374. bill says:

    A-HA… my children no less.

    Shoes with wheels – who’d have thought it?

    Unfortunately, if, at the age of just eight, you already rate Dick Dale as one of your best sounds, you will just have to keep on visiting the Cube to find anything better.

    Luckily, the Cube provides (didn’t bring them to Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, though).

  375. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    hey Richie – did you get a second stylus ok? Sorry got your message too late . . . 🙁

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  377. Pingback: Cubelog » Comedy at The Cube

  378. camilla says:

    I’ve done comedy at the Cube. Well…I did a poem about swimming and made jokes about Headfall. I want to do comedy maybe (if I wasn’t so scared of people being mean to me) I like this man: who should team up with Kid Carpet and maybe that other merry keyboardist Loxodonta for a night of keyboard based fun.

  379. richie paradise says:

    Not in time no but Angel and Leah are sorting it out. luckily I had some CDs tooo.

    Bill, good to see Dick Dale having a positive effect on the Yout of today, I wasn’t exposed to Mr Dale till I was 13 I htink though it did then take my 9 years to get the record I wanted (damn you Andy Kershaw).

  380. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    But when you do comedy people are more scared of you being mean to them.
    Like spiders. ( etc . . . )

    Oh and, “His ambition is to appear in a knitting pattern.” 🙂

  381. richie paradise says:

    Is Movieoke comedy Or tragedy?

  382. richie paradise says:

    Valentina Mengarelli in case anyone was wondering. Ah! Italian girls, Bellissimi!

  383. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    both ?

  384. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    ammended ( see above ) !

  385. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Thanks for covering this Richie – shame to miss it but I was at the Arnolfini for Z’EV vs Pita put on by the old Qu Junktions . . . [ ammended 18.10.2006 ]

  386. richie paradise says:

    What was that like? be honest now…..

  387. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    I thought it was great, honest – not a fan ?

  388. says:

    With Comedynight / Shirley Collins and Dirty Fan Male – are we seeing a move bacl to theatrical productions at the cube.

    i do hope so, darlin’s.

    Under stage action and trapdoors for all

  389. bill says:

    Sorry to crash the cubelog again, but can’t resist…

    mr_hopkinson said:

    “Thanks for covering this Richie – shame to miss it but I was at the Arnolfini for Z’ev vs Pita put on by the old Qu Junktions . . .”

    Z’EV said: (at

    “z’ev requests that people note that either Z’EV or z’ev are acceptable typographies for his “brand name” (context depending), but that Z’ev most emphatically is not.”

    Just being an (off-topic) pedant, sorry 🙂

    (Good gig@Arnolfini, though – when’s he playing at the Cube again? – please don’t flame me for non-Cube comments…).

  390. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    ooops. Thank you & sorry – ammendment made!

  391. Marcus says:

    Pity Venue didn’t manage to find a way of incorporating the disparate answers to their questions into the article. My favourite was Hogge’s response to “So what actually is the Cube?”

    A train set, aviary, pencil case, axe.

  392. says:

    Theatre darlin…..


    Dont mention the scottish oaf

  393. Sarah says:

    To the bar staff – non-stop. To the two fab Front of House, ushers, DJs, technical set-up, sound desk and video archiving, projectionists, decorators of the Cube, cleaner, make-up artist Bex, poster designing, bar ordering ice collecting cube orchestra string-playing, key holding, fire-eating, cocktail Punch-making, punch drunk Cube-lovin Volunteers and to the Dagger Brothers Micro-Films and Vex Kiddy, To Hell with Hollywood for film. To shiny happy smiling guests wearing a mask.
    To the Cube.

  394. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Hey Richie, the mystery DJ there was long term Cube associate ( mostly on design duties ) Jonno, aka motorboy

  395. richie paradise says:

    For the first time in my life when i’ve asked, “who was that masked man?” i’ve got a reply.

  396. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Good old Cube

  397. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    um, is this spam?

  398. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Thanks for showing “Cutting Up My Friends” Richie – pics look great! 🙂

  399. richie paradise says:

    You had lots of gushing comments Hoppo, who de man?, come on who de man?

  400. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:
  401. richie paradise says:

    oh you!

  402. Steve says:

    as promised i will try n dig out that footage of your old band
    real soon and thanks again for playing bluescreen! St.

  403. richie paradise says:

    Real name is Richie Paradise love, my ‘other’ name is my fake one that I use for teaching, embessellment etc, or is it…………..

  404. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Thank you, Lea. I look forward with hope and joy to more views from the sound booth . . .

  405. This was a great evening. Glad to see some of it captured for posterity, especially “The Girl from Al-Qaida”. Well done to the Orchestra, too: bass good but two basses better. Some fantastic stuff happened during that long “S.O.S. for Orchestra” and using a radio on stage to provide “vocals” turned out to be a great idea.

  406. richie paradise says:

    Whose fishnets? Hubba Hubba!

  407. zuleika says:

    That would be “Louise Brooks”…

  408. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    dun x

  409. richie paradise says:

    I not know this girl but good to see some dressing up for this gig. My lady and her frinds most impressed, oh as was I dear readers. Keep up the good work.

  410. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    zuleikalike born just over 100 years ago?

  411. richie paradise says:

    AH! how clever, and she is in Pandora’s Box playing this friday at The Cube Microplex, with a live score by Orchestra Cube. How inter-textual.

  412. zuleika says:

    I thought this would be followed up by a flurry of gossip and photographs. Come on people! You know you’re there to entertain me!

  413. tom says:

    There’s a nice audio feature about the Wilhelm Scream, on including interview with several sound designers. The show is “On the Media”. Also NPR has an audio piece. I think with Bob Edwards. It should be easy to find.

  414. richie paradise says:

    the picture by Tom is the same fine human being who took a piccie of my beat combo, Suzuki Boom Boom which you can find in an earlier blog (fact Fans).

  415. zuleika says:

    I like to vlog on my tovloggan
    While the wind if vlowing

  416. Claire-Lise says:

    But Marcus, they did! “Skills and gaffer tape”, that were me *SMUG* They left out the “dysfunctional love” part of my answer though…

  417. son says:

    alan smithee

  418. richie paradise says:

    and if you can’t do that gang, come to me and Zulieka’s extra birthday drinks and fun at The Cube’s Cabaret night featuring all sorts of shenanigans (including Burlesque) yummers!

  419. barry says:

    goddam I wish i was there. Love Colin’s crazed pianner workout. Reminded me of that Tom & Jerry cartoon where Tom’s a concert pianist and Jerry’s running amok on the keys.

  420. zuleika says:

    What do you mean “if you can’t?”

    Where’s your loyalty? Tut tut!


  421. zuleika says:

    I do love you dahling, but it’s still Zul e i ka….

    Does the orchestra want to sponsor my haircut?

  422. richie paradise says:

    oops, sorry but i am off skool ill. i’ll chip in one english pound towards the cut.

    crikey i’m excited about saturday.

  423. richie paradise says:

    9 minutes of that? Why those crazy bohemian types will drive away the punters Mr. H.

    Bring back the Home Guard I say.

  424. zuleika says:

    Ah, joyous!

    Who wants to give me a better haircut?

  425. Like an art class, but “slightly more delusional”. Love it.
    Mr_H hope to speak soon but if not have a great gig thing tomorrow.

  426. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Sounds superb – wish I could be there !

  427. zuleika says:

    Come back for the late night dancing/giant cake decorating extravaganza!

  428. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Sadly didn’t get back until too late even for the Cube thanks to Timmy’s admirable late late driving after wigging out extreme for vexkiddy . . . but how was the cabaret?

  429. richie paradise says:

    it was great old bean. expect a write up soon. i heard one of the hosts was a bit blue with some of his humour though….

  430. richie paradise says:


  431. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    wow ! what lashes !

    p.s. Cabaret Category Coming Up . . .

  432. richie paradise says:

    why was a marvellous night that one shall try and blog proper sooner rather than later x

  433. polly says:

    this reminds me how manic my laugh sounds…

  434. richie paradise says:

    Are you insinuating I’m some kind of self obsessed vain fool Mr H? Guilty as charged.

  435. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:


    Gotta direct link for the flickr set . . ?

  436. zuleika says:


    I seem to recall it can be quite hard to find the join button but it is there somewhere, underneath the old beano album and a sports sock….

    xx z

  437. Pingback: Cubelog » Up Up Cabaret!

  438. Pingback: Cubelog » Up Up Cabaret!

  439. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Sounds great – wish I’d been there !

    When’s the next one . . ?

    [ I was doing Bristal Meth in London – next one of those should be at the Media Mix at Big Chill in August . . . ]

  440. richie paradise says:

    Friday May 4th young jedi, be there or be square.

  441. Barry says:

    The acrobats were called Idiosync, I think.

  442. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Would like to be able to offer, but I’m not free on the last Wednesdays of the month 🙁

  443. Almost sounds like a Jackass movie

  444. richie paradise says:

    Give me a chance lady.. I did have some footage but it’s too big for Youtube so it’ll jsut be pics this tiiiime.

  445. zuleika says:

    Good-oh, can I get that CD of images too? Hurry up, hurry up!!

  446. Barry says:

    That footage — try hosting it at Mediamax and linking to there. Should work, I think.

  447. richie paradise says:

    Don’t tell me that Hopkinson I need the pixies night review asap! and if not send me some copy! i got some great recordings but NO footage or pictures. and yes, i am an idiot.

    ps well done Kino. Since the demise of St. Michaels Cafe there’s not many groovy cafes left daddio.

  448. zuleika says:

    Hurrah the kino!

  449. Polly says:

    where did we go before kino?

  450. son says:

    classic nite. grand write ups but please get the photographer credit off the photos….please it make him and them look awful


  451. richie paradise says:

    Have to have the credit on the photos or we cannot use them i’m afraid, anyow i think it makes us look proffesioanll innit.

  452. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Great Richie!

    ps who is “Son” and why are you linked to http : // www . bot . com / ? Is this possibly an even more cunning level of comment spam than ever ?

  453. richie paradise says:

    Canadian Spam, yummers! I have no idea who son is. curious…………

  454. son says:

    yes it looks proffesional, thats why they should not be used. looks awful proffesional. just give the photographer a link.

  455. richie paradise says:

    Could only use his photos with his link on them, i have no prob with this the guy has to make some money some how. Who are you anyhow? we very curious…………

    and happy for the comments too.

  456. Adam says:

    and we’re back!

  457. richie paradise says:

    my blog on this coming sooooon.

    damn this was the best night EVA (as young people say)

  458. son says:

    Surely this spells big time for the computer singer and his master.

    Does it work by remote control?

    I once crushed Kim in off stage drug hug.

  459. Richie Paradise esq says:

    hope this goes well, i’d have come but the wet suit was at the cleaners (and i’m drinkong lots of lovely white wine).

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go on an overnight drunk, and in 10 days I’m going to set out to find the shark that ate my friend and destroy it. Anyone who wants to tag along is more than welcome.

  460. Richie Paradise esq says:

    the lad done good. ’bout time, i’m sick of paying his UB40…..

    anyhow for some of the lads Jazz featuring moi go here:
    and here:


  461. Fabrizia says:

    Hi,How can I get in this society?

  462. tit says:

    twat. newsflash – not quirky, you not the crazy cat you aspire to be.

  463. tit says:

    twat. newsflash – not quirky, you not the crazy cat you aspire to be.

  464. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    I remember blue tits used to love the old school silver top milk bottles.

    Maybe this “tit” is a humanised tit like Marcus Coates’ offensive seal in ‘finfolk’ (?)

  465. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    beautiful poster, lady

  466. steve says:

    And to add to that cubetastic lineup, bluescreen will be screening films on Sunday eve between 7pm-8.30!
    See ya there!

  467. steve says:

    And to add to that cubetastic lineup, bluescreen will be screening films on Sunday eve between 7pm-8.30!
    See ya there!

  468. steve says:

    And to add to that cubetastic lineup, bluescreen will be screening films on Sunday eve between 7pm-8.30!
    See ya there!

  469. steve says:

    weird, only meant to post this once, but there you go, 3 for the price of one!

  470. zuleika says:

    I recognise that poster! Looks great!

  471. zuleika says:

    Hmm, the part of my head that looks on the internet and the part of my head that listens on the phone had a word with each other, put two and two together and realised I already knew what was happening….

  472. Chris Lee says:

    Wow, a home version of Movieoke would be great. Teh Wicker Man is one of my all-time fave films. Thanks for sharing.

  473. i too have been quiet, trying to get to grips with new comp and dat. i will post some stuff soon i promise. Hope Big Chill is fun old bean and hope you make some lovely outfit to complement your space suits.

  474. i’m thinking o making a few cocktails in jugs before hand, strictly this isn’t advised cocktail fans, a good cocktail shol be made to order. however i will be entertaining the public so it will be a necessary evil. It will be fun.

  475. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    It’s tricky with the Movieoke attendance – as I see it, and said before, the problem seems to be promotion and also comprehensibility for potential audiences, coupled ( cripled ? ) with wanting to avoid being *too* visible because of legal issues in publicly screening lots of bits of movies in one night.

    It’s Tom’s baby ultimately, but Mark tried to take it somewhere else with the “Max Blackout’s Movieoke” suggstion, and bringing in Colin, and Richie ( which was, er, my idea ).

    Trouble is people seem confused as it what it is, and it just doesn’t seem to have a big enough draw on it’s own. The take on it I’ve mostly heard is it works best attached to another party night where people are there, in a party mood able to see exactly what it is and ready to join in.

    For my part – with the low attendance I didn’t feel I couldn’t justify doing Max Blackout, which involves such an inconvenience to several people all with other commitments ( in terms of the various bits of equipment which needed to be borrowed and set up each time ). I did enjoy it though and if we could afford some dedicated kit would probably still be doing it, schedule permitting.

    Max Blackout as a character was an idea to make the Blackout tent at Ashton Court more coherent, and there the equipment ( and audience ) was all ready to go – and I think it was successful in making it hang together.

    For Movieoke though, despite undeniable moments of brilliance from Colin & Richie, I don’t feel we have ever really ironed out the wrinkles that would make it unmissable , and using Max isn’t really the answer for that . . . ( he worked well as a rude inturuptor stopping people going on too long, but that in itself doesn’t work when there are long waits to the next setup, which I think is the real problem, and I don’t feel I can be entertaining enough in those situations to keep the momentum up . . . )

    What would be needed, as we’ve said pretty much from the start, is a dedicated system, not only for using Max, but fundamentally for getting the clips up quick, by either using custom DVDs or a harddrive – It doesn’t have to be super slick – this is the cube, but if something is too drawn out and we can’t blame people for not taking hold of it. But making this happen, quite understandably, has proved too big a job to get done.

    It’s a shame because it’s a really interesting use of the resources that we have to do something that couldn’t really be done anywhere else, and when it does work is amazing, but at the moment it seems to me frustratingly just out of reach as a reliable and sustainable event.

    Cube TV is similar in some ways ( i.e. using various clips, undisclosed in the programme ). I’ve been to most of those, and numbers have varied over the weeks, but CubeTV has had a pretty respectable crowd for a Cube Tuesday over all I think.

    Movieoke could/should be able to be a draw as a ‘brand’ in a similar way, but it is trickier because it is basically karaoke, i.e. a bit of a booze up and a laugh, so is suited to a more weekend slot, but the attendance just doesn’t really seem to justify that as a night on it’s own . . .

  476. I agree old chap. I seemed to take it over, well as much as arranging if everybody was around and up for it and unsympathetic programming didn’t help in that it was put on without consulting any of those involved it seemed to me. Maybe we should drag it out for a volunteers party and on special occasions, I love it and consider it a feather in my cap getting the opportunity to have a good laugh and a good ol’ knees up tooo. Though me and Colin were getting a bit Chas and Dave at times……….

  477. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Must say Chas and Dave do more for me than Genesis !

  478. zuleika says:

    Have you heard Tori Amos covering Chas and Dave?

  479. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    it’s a beauty alright!

  480. richie paradise says:

    and who is the femme besides you?

  481. richie paradise says:


  482. zuleika says:

    That is Nina, aerialist and front lady of Laienda who are performing at the Cabaret 31st of August!

  483. Pingback: Cubelog » Zuleika Ziegfeld’s Ladyfest Cabaret - latest pictorials

  484. richie paradise says:

    Thanks for that Mr. H, was lovely to see you and so many others tarted up for the evening. Well I can’t resisit pushing the envelope (par chance this is why one is ‘jazz’ musician) so with lots of PC types potentially in the audience, and it being Ladyfest and all, I couldn’t resist the odd edgy joke and tall story about my experience of the better sex. And feminists (like myself) come in many different guises, for example some actually shave….

    ok, i’ll get my coat…..

  485. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Swing out, Sister x

  486. adrian line says:

    a post/a blog/a tot up from heaven.

    patagonia only has sheep so pics of ladies festing is bonita.

    next time ask Madonna. She is a lady. about 22 years ago she talked about galic on my show and the dashboard went crazy. i thought it was just a pizza topping but it is a nut/fruit and madonna (her real name) knew that. she is more than a singer.

    do they still skate in bristol

    much care and hasta luegou as max mad quoted alot


  487. adrian line says:

    no but i have heard Chiz N Dave playing snooker

  488. zuleika says:

    Richie if you’re a feminist I’m a blonde bombeshell

  489. matching cuffs and tails?

  490. Mary says:

    I still have parts for this projector in my garage, along with other things my parents took
    with them when we finally closed the doors of the arts centre cinema. Its great to see the
    old projectors back together. There where 2, obviously. We were still using these projectors
    until about 1990 ish.

  491. zuleika says:

    I think his last gig was my first shift at the Cube, I will be working in the day and, space allowing, watching in the evening as a sort of anniversary.

  492. Pingback: Cubelog » Return of the QuWack a.k.a. QuWack Off out of The Cube

  493. Pingback: Cubelog » Return of the QuWack a.k.a. QuWack Off out of The Cube

  494. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Don’t let geography stop you cu-blogging – The Cube loves you as much as you love it where ever you are !

  495. yep it was fun, my comments will follow once i have edited the nights entertainment into a shorter piece (we over ran by about 30 minutes at least on the cabaret………..) oops.

  496. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    [ the YouTube clip was originally posted here ]

  497. adrian line says:

    thats entertainment folks and it dont come better

  498. Mr H that clip needs to be on the main bit of the log, it’s awesome.

  499. adrian line says:

    reminds me of network 7

  500. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    plus 2

  501. adam says:

    + the good Replay !

  502. precious day those, and i include the old chinese in that.

  503. zuleika says:

    Oh, I love that video!!

  504. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    That’s the thicket

  505. adrian line says:

    not many years but enough. i was in china then and in those days china was ruled by bastards. england by crack heads and europe ran on choclate watches

  506. adam says:

    aah, adrian oversteps his surname once again.

  507. remember Ms Gregory Gin = Mothers Ruin

  508. adrian line says:

    The only border i have is the one Bruce Springsteen installed between his and Honsby’s ranch. No woman, man, child crosses that.

  509. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Adrian’s wall is only visible from space.

  510. wowee zowee looks awesome. Be there or be square x

  511. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    I would if I could but I can’t . . . well Polly said it went well with just the right sort of number of punters, but I know no more . . .

  512. zuleika says:

    Hmmmmmmmmm…..maybe no-one was there after all.

  513. Pingback: Cubelog » Totterdown Arts Trail

  514. richie paradise says:


    i have love related news too that i will log if i have time.


  515. the front was pretty cute too yunno! anyhoo i sha;; bog me and Mrs P sooner rther than later. xxx

  516. zuleika says:

    What, when you got married?

  517. I’m not beyond whooping a woman yunno lady.

  518. zuleika says:

    It’s a shame he is so lonely…

  519. richie paradise says:

    ah thanks baby. was that cake there?


  520. zuleika says:

    yes, I ate it to myself in the loos whilst weeping..

  521. zuleika says:


  522. richie paradise says:

    I am very very excited. I’m gonna be trwaling through some of the things i’v failed to blog and put them all up in a huge jungle style mish mash. Watch this space……


  523. zuleika says:


  524. zuleika says:

    It’s really lovely, though there’s a slight feeling I have now of impending doom. Let’s not all go on the same flight for a while!

  525. richie paradise says:

    damn right i’l be there, he was great last time i saw him (both i could be talking about here)

    plus i get jokes to steal…..

  526. richie paradise says:

    that clip wouldn’t work old chap.

  527. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    hmmm. Does work for me using Firefox on a windows pc . . . I tried to find a way to nab it and youtube it, but it eluded me. To be honest it’s no that amazing, and only lightly amusing – very local news style.

  528. richie paradise says:

    loved the stomach rumbling by Mr H

  529. richie paradise says:

    Most awesome night. Well done everyone, you the best. x

  530. richie paradise says:

    Right ho, will do.

  531. adam says:

    seems to be subscription only?

  532. Pingback: Cubelog » Totterdown Arts Trail

  533. adam says:

    has this been posted / emailed anywhere else?

  534. richie paradise says:

    Well said.

    Now we can play


  535. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Yes, it’s on the front page of

  536. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    on-line yes. I bought a copy from Arnolfini bookshop. I’ll scan it and upload it here once the next issue comes out ( if I remember ).

  537. Pingback: Daily News About Flyers : A few links about Flyers - Monday, 25 May 2009 03:45

  538. richie paradise says:

    you can hear Dave playing with the rather excellent Spaceways at Mr. Wolf’s on sept 11th

  539. Pingback: Cubelog » Naked Lunch @50

  540. steve says:

    some photos of BB on stage at the cube, knocking around on facebook i believe

  541. richie paradise says:

    s’possed to be pics on here but i can’t work out the new fangled thing bob

  542. richie paradise says:

    For record should read ex-wife.

  543. marcus says:

    Picture shows the audience at the recent screening of “Chronicle”